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50 Years WMV

This also means great change and technological progress.

Not to lose sight of the essentials. Always focused and open for new things. The last 50 years have been a milestone, especially in the field of technology. Today, almost nothing works without digitization. In the beginning, it was the telephone that made sure we could talk to a customer or supplier in person without having to travel. Later, the need to provide quick and easy access to documents for other people increased. The telefax was born.

Typewriters went digital and the era of computers arrived. The world began to network. Data and information became a valuable currency. Those who knew how to use it and recognized its potentials, soon had a competitive advantage. This situation has not changed until today.

It is “the red line of the digital world”. Innovation drives and connects.

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What has changed is the speed.

Today it is more important than ever to always be open for new things, to always be up to date and to keep both ears to the market. Digitalization is always an opportunity to create a new innovative path, to break new ground and to leave your own footprints in history. That is what pioneers are all about. They take up the challenge and see how new things can be used for themselves. They leave traces, create new paths and ways. Paths on which others will follow. We at WMV have created a lot in this area over the last 20 years. We have developed our own business management system, which has been continuously developed and improved over the last 2 decades.

We have PC workstations with height-adjustable tables, DIN A0 screens in production and tablets in the final assembly and electrical workshop. Everything is networked so that we always have the information available which is needed at that moment. Specially developed time recording terminals and electronic access authorization at all doors support this approach.

Our plants all over the world require the constantly growing know-how of our employees. That is why we continuously connect WMV systems to our infrastructure in Windeck via a secure encrypted VPN tunnel. WMV Service means being able to support the customer at any time. Therefore we are also investing in the expansion of the Internet infrastructure and expect a connection to a gigabit fiber optic network of NetCologne in the 3rd quarter of 2020. Because digitalization lives on networking.

The innovation “digital twin” finds its way into WMV.

In the future, we will reduce commissioning times at the customer’s site by performing this commissioning digitally on the PC in advance. We will create a digital twin of the plant before even a single part has been built. Digital means that the system is created on the PC and is also put into operation there for the first time. This digital twin will behave virtually, connected to a virtual Siemens SPS, just like real. Here we will plan, create and construct plants together with the customer, supported by “virtual reality” with VR glasses and powerful computers.

What today still sounds like a “gimmick” for many will be the required standard in a few years. That is what pioneers are all about. We take this path early on and are one of the first in our industry. And create new ways. In 2014, screens in our production facilities were also “smiled at”. Today it is “normal”.

At the end of 2019, a kick-off event with the Technical University of Cologne, the Innovation Hub Bergisches Rheinland and WMV took place at the B7 Campus. These will enter into a cooperation with us. This will open up further opportunities for us to persistently continue on our path.

Digitalization is not “hype”.   It is what surrounds us all.
We just have to accept it, set ourselves goals and stay the course together.