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WMV exhaust air systems

WMV exhaust air systems – it’s all clear!

The intended use of paint solvents with solvent content is a highly sensitive matter. WMV ensures by technical ventilation that explosive atmospheres cannot arise in any operating situation. Exhaust air systems from WMV Apparatebau GmbH – we protect

For so-called primary explosion protection, we start at many points:

  • the extracted air is cleaned of pollutants by the customer, since according to European legislation, diffuse emissions are only permitted to a limited extent.
  • inside the TULZ coating machine (partly zone 0) the air is directed around the paint tank by laminar flow – so any released solvent components can be safely collected and discharged
  • the amount of exhaust air can thus be significantly reduced compared to a standard extraction system

Preventive extraction is also necessary in the cabin area:

  • this air volume is usually less than that required to avoid general odour nuisance
  • all defined air flows are monitored by the fail-safe SPS
  • if the air flow falls below one of the air streams, this immediately leads to a loading barrier – no new coating can be applied and no new solvent is released

Abluftsysteme der WMV

WMV exhaust air systems

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