September 2017
Annual DAY OUT 2017

The WMV staff began their day out in high spirits after having opened their new technology centre. Together they went on a hiking tour to the high-rope course at Rosbach. The hikers were welcomed by the instructors of „Outdoor OverBerg“. A morning full of adventures started after the instructions. Some reached new goals and others discovered new talents in sports. Their target was to get to the top of a high wall and climb over it, prove their arithmetic abilities and to climb up swaying ropes in great heights. Some colleagues were carried over the lawn in a winding slalom course by their team. They also had the opportunity to learn the skills of archery with great success and many hit the bull´s eye. Team work and having fun together was what this day was meant to offer them and it worked out with everybody working together and supporting each other as a team and having lots of fun in the competitions. The mobile bar was always at the right space to quench the teams´ thirst and the teams cheered each other on. The groups moved on and hiked to the restaurant Rolandseck in Rosbach after having finished their pleasurable morning activities. They were served a well-deserved lunch buffet. This enjoyable day ended with lots of laughing and storytelling about the day´s adventures.