September 2017
Opening of the technology centre

On the September 1st, 2017 Martin Müller, the managing director of WMV Apparatebau, inaugurated the new technology centre together with 100 employees in Windeck. The new building has a dimension of 530 m2, space that has been designed for new developments, innovations and application techniques.


The technology centre has turned out to be the perfect solution for any kind of surface treatments of bulk material and frame parts for the sector of  zinc-plate surfacing plants. Apart from  pre-treatment systems for cleaning parts and post-treatment and coating plants new system like the TULZ600-PRS for the coating of bulk material that requires a high quality standard or the KUKA IR 600 for the handling of drum centrifuges have been installed here.


The different applications are:

Washing plants   700

Post-treatment  700 (DSC)

Coating plant TULZ 300/500

Coating plant TULZ 600 PRS


Blasting plant MG 90

Enameling furnace

Cold room


 The new technology centre ist another tool that is available to become even more innovative and powerful not only for MWW but also for our customers, partners as well as process developers. Always having the claim „Always a winning combination“ in mind, WMV moves ahead towards the future of plant engineering.