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Phosphating – WMV

Phosphating – WMV

Phosphating: a process for surface treatment of metals, aluminium and galvanized cadmium-plated steels.


Fundamental Research

For many, perhaps technical jargon, for us exciting daily business: during phosphating, a so-called conversion layer is formed by chemical reactions of aqueous phosphate solutions with the metallic surface. This consists of firmly adhering metal phosphates.

There are different reasons why phosphating can be performed. The main areas of application are the reduction of friction and wear, corrosion protection, adhesion and the electrical insulation of the workpiece.

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About us – WMV Apparatebau GmbH

Hi, we are WMV. Actually a family-owned company based in Windeck. And also a global active plant manufacturer of complex cleaning and coating-systems.We offer trend-setting innovative technologies for de-oiling, washing, drying and coating of pourable bulk parts up to racked goods.

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