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Tempering with WMV Apparatebau

In our WMV systems, the Tempering process is integrated into the post-treatment of the electroplating. The Tempering process takes place in a continuous furnace. A high degree of automation in the Tempering process is important to us. We have been developing in Apparatebau for 50 years.

Tempering – preventing hydrogen embrittlement

Heat treatment (Tempering) diffuses the hydrogen from the material, preventing damage and homogenising the structure. Metallic materials are heat-treated to optimise the properties of the components in a targeted manner. Resistance to chemicals as well as temperature resistance is increased and tensions in the material structure are reduced. The result is evident in the best sense of the word, the longevity of the treated materials is also significantly increased by the targeted prevention of hydrogen embrittlement.


Post-treatment and Tempering

With the modular WMV systems, the Tempering process is integrated into the post-treatment of the electroplating and the entire process is seamlessly documented. When loading an electroplating line, our loading systems form corresponding partial batches. These partial batches run the entire process from electroplating to Tempering to post-treatment, e.g. top-coat coating, with subsequent emptying.

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Tempering System

The actual Tempering process takes place in a chamber or continuous oven. Here, oven racks are pushed through the Tempering oven from the outside in cycles on several levels, thus enabling a high degree of batch purity. The requirements of CQI11 are also met. The corresponding WMV dosing and transport systems ensure perfect material distribution in the oven racks, as well as loading and unloading of the Tempering oven, adapted to the cycle time.

Tempering furnace

We work closely with manufacturers of tempering furnaces and supply them as the perfect complement to our coating and post-treatment systems. Our Tempering systems are designed with a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and resource conservation. Energy-efficient drives are selected with the highest available energy efficiency class. The braking energy of the drives is fed back into the grid via innovative frequency converter technology. Intelligent solutions minimise the consumption of high-priced process media and valuable resources.


High degree of automation during Tempering in the WMV system

Likewise, the Tempering systems are designed with a high degree of automation and adapted to customer requirements.

Accordingly, process requirements such as throughput, quality reproducibility, logging and visualisation are only a small part of many possibilities.

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