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Drum cleaning with HydroPulse® 1

In our basket cleaning station we use one of the purest, most natural forces of nature: water. In the heart of the station is the HydroPulse®1 system: a centrifugal wheel in the middle where water is pumped to and spins it at high speed (approx. 1,500 min) and with enormous force onto the basket surface. On top, the washing medium in the supply tank can be heated up to improve the cleaning result.

The pure facts in summary:

  • 400-500 l water per minute
  • speed of the blower wheel: 1.500 rpm
  • stepless adjustment of the basket from 0-180°
  • Basket can be rotated simultaneously with adjustable speed
  • all areas of the basket (inside, outside, upper and lower rim) are captured and cleaned by the water jet
  • by tilting the basket completely, any adhering parts are loosened and collected in the collecting basket
  • no mixing of parts within the coating system (all baskets are cleaned before each change of material)

Less is more

Advantage over conventional cleaning techniques:

  • no clogging or sticking of the nozzles, nozzle units, pipes or hoses –
    thanks to high cross sections and high flow rate
  • the basket station can be used for most coating media completely without or
    are operated with low use of chemicals
  • significant improvement of the cleaning medium lifetime – e.g. thanks to separators,
    Filter presses and core chip filters
1HydroPulse is a registered trademark of GOFF Inc, Seminole, Oklahoma, USA