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Plant Engineering

Surface Treatment Plants, Modular Coating Plants and Cleaning Plants
are the passion of WMV Plant Engineering

Plant Engineering – WMV Apparatebau GmbH
Always a winning combination

We are WMV Apparatebau GmbH – Plant Engineering. A family business based in Windeck in the Rhein-Sieg district, but also a globally active plant manufacturer and machine builder of complex surface treatment plants, cleaning plants and coating plants. We offer forward-looking, innovative technologies for the de-oiling, washing, drying and coating of bulk parts up to rack goods.

WMV Apparatebau GmbH – Plant Engineering with a special spirit.

We create your future machine, from a centrifuge that is filled manually to entire plants that carry out processes such as loading, de-oiling, washing, rinsing, drying and emptying in automatic sequences. In the field of coating equipment, we offer special machines such as dip-spin-tilt coating-centrifuges.

Our customer service is available 24/7 with multilingual experts in the field of remote maintenance. Software modernisation, availability of original spare parts, training and education complete our service.

Surface Treatment Plants

We manufacture machines for Surface Treatment, cleaning and Tempering. Our individual machines coat, clean, dry and anneal. From the components, we create your scalable complete systems (expandable at any time). Spare parts available for many years protect your investments, nationally and internationally.

Coating Systems

The WMV coating plant for zinc flake coating, top coat, sealing, passivation with rinsing process. Our special plants TULZ ®, PULZ ®, DSC

Cleaning Systems

Economical in chemical and water consumption, with high energy efficiency, dephosphating and recirculation – the WMV Cleaning Systems


Tempering – metal materials are heat-treated. With the tray furnace system, the partial batches are run through the annealing furnace separately.

Electroplating systems

Electroplating systems

Surface treatment with WMV electroplating systems. Unique and sustainable solutions to optimize your surface processes – low resource and energy consumption as well as CO2 and cost savings.

Rack goods

Rack Goods

WMV systems for the treatment of rack goods – the optimum and efficient treatment of your components through uniform coating on the inside and outside – for ideal protection against corrosion.

Surface Treatment Zinc Flake Coating

In the field of Surface Treatment, the coating plant engieneering is our supreme discipline. We offer customised solutions (with a passion) for coating bulk goods, rack goods, complex stamped and bent parts. WMV Apparatebau GmbH is active nationally and internationally. In our own technical centre, customers can experience our Surface Treatment machines live.

We develop machines for the Surface Treatment of bulk goods that can be poured, such as screws and springs, through to rack goods such as chassis parts. One focus here is our coating plant for the Surface Treatment of zinc flake coating.

Coating in the WMV Systems

Continuous research and development guarantee the successful use of WMV Systems for constant new challenges. The systems have proved themselves for years with our customers worldwide.


For the surface treatment of bulk parts WMV has developed the coating plant TULZ ®


The coating system for the smallest fasteners with internal force application. The system ensures that the excess coating medium is removed before the drying process begins.


The DSC transport hoist has an integrated rotating mechanism, the parts are coated in the bath, circulated, and then spun.

We also manufacture your centrifuge – WMV Plant Engineering

WMV centrifuges have been used for decades for oiling or impregnating bulk goods. Robust, economical and very reliable. We supply you with the right solution for a wide range of surface treatment tasks. Our focus is on low operating costs, ecological processes and durable machines. Made in Germany

Select the right Centrifuge

Choose from swing centrifuges, vertical centrifuges, dry centrifuges for bulk goods and rack goods. Laboratory machines to interlinked large-scale systems, exchangeable centrifuge drums, centrifuges for parts with complicated geometry and internal attacks.





Investment protection through Original Spare Parts and Service

At WMV Apparatebau GmbH we offer our customers a special service.
spare parts, customer service, modernisation or training … we will be happy to advise you!

Automation Systems

Improve your existing production processes with WMV’s concepts for automation.

Material Handling

Dosing Machine

Control Systems

Production Control

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Always a winning combination

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WMV receives “RHEINLAND GENIAL” innovation award

The award was presented in recognition of the company’s process and technology innovations.

The philosophy of WMV Apparatebau GmbH

For us, the sentence you find under our logo is not just a sentence. Our claim contains a great deal of what we believe in, how we operate, how we understand our work and the close, collaborative partnership with our customers, suppliers, partners and employees – and also how our modular system principle works.

Worldwide contact to WMV Apparatebau

WMV Europe (HQ)

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Aron Lorenz

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WMV France

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WMV Asia

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Compliance, the basis of our actions

Plant Engineering

This is how WMV Apparatebau GmbH understands compliance

WMV Apparatebau GmbH understands Compliance not just as adherence to the law and its own internal rules. Compliance forms the basis of all our activities and is a fundamental part of our integrity.

Lawful conduct with integrity forms the basis for the trust of our customers and business partners as well as our reputation as a company. We know that our business success in recent years is essentially based on such behaviour.

Responsible corporate governance

WMV does not accept corrupt behavior and other forms of unfair influence, neither on the part of our employees nor on the part of our business partners. The collaboration with our partners can only be sustainable if all parties involved comply with the applicable law and ethical standards and align their official conduct with the corresponding principles. The WMV Apparatebau compliance system “Responsible Corporate Governance” is the basis of our business. With our compliance system, we want to permanently anchor compliance in the thinking and actions of our employees. In doing so, we are guided by the standards of recognised compliance management systems.

Plant Engineering
Plant Engineering

For WMV Apparatebau GmbH, standing up for integrity means:

Wherever we do business, we act following our values. Our maxim is zero tolerance for corruption and non-competition violations.

The WMV Compliance System is divided into three
levels of action:

Prevent, detect and respond. In this, we bundle a comprehensive system of measures with which we want to ensure that our business is always in full compliance with the law and our internal principles and rules.

We have the right machines for you in plant engineering

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Plant Engineering

Sustainably sustainable.

As an internationally positioned and operating family business, we feel – perhaps precisely for this reason – committed not only to ourselves and our employees, but also to our environment. For a world worth living in for all of us, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and if possible, the day after tomorrow. For us, sustainability is not just a modern term, but a living reality. And so we never tire of placing our behaviour and entrepreneurial activities under this spotlightand constantly realigning them, from the smallest wire to living values to the most complex plant technology.

A few examples:

  • The almost completely paperless company through digitalisation
  • stable values and secure entrepreneurial success through sustainable business models
  • Innovative technologies and solutions for sustainable development worldwide
  • reflecting sustainable thinking and action in as many of our internal and external processes and products as possible
  • Saving rinse water through consistent water management low-waste water washing systems
Plant engineering
Bewährte Qualität

Proven quality

For over 50 years, WMV systems have been characterised by great flexibility, material conservation, effectiveness and performance.



WMV systems and machines are state of the art and comply with the directive (MRL 2006/42/EC).

WMV Baukastensystem

Modular system

The WMV modular system offers all options. From the single station to the fully automated overall system.