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Technical center in “Unreal Studio”

Since October 2019, the WMV has been in possession of “virtual reality” glasses, or VR glasses for short. These VR glasses enable us to view our systems and individual machines in a virtual space.

Especially for demonstration purposes and for visualization for customers this has already proven to be very helpful and practical. Customers or interested parties can look at their plant and move around freely in it even before production starts. To make this possible, the CAD models of our machines are simplified, animated with the help of “SolidWorks”, our 3D-CAD program, and then integrated into the game engine “Unreal Studio”. To make the VR experience even more realistic and attractive for the customer, the technical center was recreated within the “Unreal Studio”.

In the near future it is not only planned to animate our systems, but also to link them to the PLC at the same time. Thus, the actual and virtual motion sequences of the so-called “digital twin” are exactly the same. With the help of such a digital twin, a virtual commissioning can be carried out in the future.

VR Bericht

Technical Center

VR Bericht

Technical Center in the “Unreal Studio”