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Less media consumption during zinc flake coating

Innovative PRS system takes coating in the TULZ® to a new level

Our TULZ® coating station – Dip-Spin-Tilt-Centrifuge – has proven itself for many years, particularly in the field of zinc flake coating and post-treatment. The high flexibility of the TULZ® through freely selectable parameter settings ensures optimum coating quality. High material throughput for efficiency.

However, as with most coating processes, the waste of coating media was problematic. Cleaning the coating tank was also very time-consuming. We wanted to solve this problem. With the first prototype, we made the right adjustments and developed an innovative solution that saves coating media, cleaning time and treatment time.


Next Level Paint Recovery System (PRS) – with a swivel angle of up to 90°

About the process: Coating in the TULZ® takes place in a movable coating tank. Both bulk and rack goods can be coated in it. To ensure that the interior of the coating machine is not contaminated with coating medium during circulation, the centrifuge basket is encased in a cylindrical centrifuge jacket. In this innovative and patented “Paint Recovery System (PRS)”, excess paint is spun off after coating.

The advantages: On the one hand, the centrifuged coating medium collects in the centrifuge jacket and is returned (recovery). Secondly, the coating station remains free of paint residues, as the actual spin-off process takes place in the spin-off jacket. The highlight: The new PRS can not only work vertically on the coating tank, but also in an inclined position – at any swivel angle from 0 to 90° – by transferring the centrifugal protection from the dip tank to the TULZ® coating station.

Triple savings in the treatment of bulk goods in the TULZ®

By further developing our PRS, we are meeting the needs of our customers even better: with our further development of the TULZ®, we are helping to reduce paint consumption and media carryover compared to conventional technology. The amount of savings depends on how much medium is spun off, which medium is spun off and which TULZ® drum size (600/700/900 mm Ø) is used.

A positive side effect: the automated process enables the coating cycles to be optimized. Coating takes place faster – and with consistent quality.

Can be integrated into existing WMV systems

Just like its predecessor model, the “new” TULZ® is suitable for coating zinc flake systems, with waxes, oils, water-soluble and solvent-based coating media, and various sealants, including in electroplating. We are happy to plan and implement integration into existing WMV systems for you.

Do you still have questions about our Paint Recovery System (PRS), coating in the TULZ® or the integration of our latest technology into your WMV system? We would be happy to advise you personally!