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Control Systems, SPS Control

We programme the Control Systems of our single machines up to the complex fully automatic systems ourselves. Remote diagnosis and remote maintenance protect against machine downtime and long maintenance times.

WMV – Software Department – The specialist department for automation technology and Control Systems

From single machines to complete, fully automated systems, WMV systems are programmed by WMV’s own software department. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of Control Systems and programming, continuous improvements and further developments are incorporated.

Control systems

Control Systems through SPS control system

Both individual machines and complete production plants with several machines or stations are equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC). Current PLC controls from leading manufacturers in the field of automation technology are used for this purpose.

The Siemens PLC control is optimally selected for each application, whether it is a single machine or a complete plant, and programmed by the specialists in WMV’s own software department.

Future-proof Control Systems

The possibility of future expansions is always included in the planning. If the customer’s demands on the WMV system grow in the future, e.g. because a higher system throughput is required, the WMV system can simply grow along with it using corresponding system expansions. Because “today is already yesterday”, the customer has the future security for his WMV system already built-in, so to speak, ex works.

Control systems
Control systems

HMI operating units

The human-machine interface (HMI) to the PLC Control Systems is created via operating devices in addition to classic operating and display elements such as pushbuttons and indicator lights.

Today, HMIs are mainly equipped with touch screens and offer various operating and information functions.

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Control systems

Operation and diagnosis

These include, for example, the operation of system stations, the display of fault messages or system statuses, and even some diagnostic functions for a possibly existing bus system, such as PROFIBUS or PROFINET. Recipe management for different treatment programmes can also be realised with an operating unit. Of course, the operating units are also programmed by the WMV Control Systems specialists.

Process automation

The connection of PLC control and HMI operating device means that nothing stands in the way of process automation. Even complex successive material treatments in different stations of a plant are carried out by treatment programmes, flexibly adapted to the material, automated in the individual stations, including material transport from station to station within the plant.

For the plant operators, this means that they usually only have to ensure the supply of raw material (loading area of the plant), the selection of the suitable treatment programme (automated treatment process within the plant), as well as the removal of the finished product (unloading area of the plant).Through process automation, productive, fast and cost-effective production processes can be achieved that would not be possible without process automation.

Control systems

Questions & Answers

Can the customer's change requests regarding the system control also be carried out via remote maintenance?

Changes to the control software can also be carried out via remote maintenance. However, depending on the desired scope of the software adaptation, it may also be better to carry this out directly on site at the customer’s premises.

Can an operating device (HMI) also be operated "remotely", e.g. via a tablet?

Yes, depending on the operating device, an operating device can also be operated remotely via a tablet or PC using the appropriate software.

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