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Innovation WMV Apparatebau

Making the impossible possible | Burning for the best solution | Innovation from WMV Apparatebau

This is how we understand Innovation – WMV Apparatebau

We have a very precise idea of what “Innovation WMV Apparatebau” means for us, for our customers and for our environment: like our plants,
we never stand still and are always looking – even when everything is going well – for an even better solution.
We do everything we can to make the unthinkable conceivable and the impossible possible.

With a concentrated load of passion, fun in making and inventive spirit. The result: every system is unique and sustainably effective.
And some of them even world firsts.


Virtual Reality and CAD

With the CAD application SOLIDWORKS, WMV Systems can be experienced live in the development phase through HTC VR glasses – in a virtual walk-through environment. This is an exciting, helpful and important moment for our customers and also for the employees of our design department.

It goes on and on in our technical centre we are currently planning a VR system including a viewer screen to illustrate plants, plant components or new ideas to our customers.

This is Innovation at WMV Apparatebau GmbH.

The digital twin

In order to simplify design-related coordination and commissioning, we create complex machines and systems as digital, virtual twins – including all physical properties.

Thanks to VR technology, these “twins” can be placed in a virtual room and experienced, including test runs in order to recognise what’s wrong – even before it’s wrong.

According to the motto: Innovation WMV Apparatebau

Innovation wmv apparatebau

We have the right innovation for your machines – WMV Apparatebau

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IT and digitalisation

IT and digitalisation are strongly in focus in all our business processes as can be seen, for example, where large, printed drawings used to hang, there are now large, high-resolution screens. Because we have been successively digitising all our processes for years in order to improve workflows and avoid mistakes before they happen.

Another example is that construction drawings can be accessed digitally at all important workstations. Innovation WMV Apparatebau – For all our centrifuges and plants

Digital networking

When you think of mechanical engineering, you think of engineering, tricky construction plans, complicated control cabinets and the smell of oil and steel. But we also think of digital networking and lightning-fast gigabit fiber optic cables that not only connect our four building locations in the Mauel industrial park – but also network us with our customers around the world. So that good, fast communication and exchange can take place, without any loss of time or friction. For example, malfunctions or sources of error can be eliminated by our system technicians by digital connection at the click of a button, so that downtimes can be reduced to a minimum or even avoided.


For this to work today, we started digital networking in our own four walls more than 20 years ago. As a result, you’ll find almost no sheets of paper left in the entire company – but plenty of huge screens, PCs and notebooks. And three ingenious application developers and two top IT administrators, who work full time for us and our customers at the Windeck site.