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Curing process systems –
Perfect intermediate cleaning for lasting quality

WMV Curing process systems ensure the quality of your hardening processes through residue-free and unmixed cleaning of the parts. Cleaning stage for cleaning stage. Batch for batch. From loading to unloading, our intermediate washing systems with centrifuge technology ensure lasting good results – as efficiently as possible and as automated as necessary.

Your benefit – energy-efficient solutions for all process stages in
Curing process systems

WMV Curing process systems cover all performance levels of the intermediate cleaning process. The centrepiece is the rapid centrifuging of media and liquids in centrifuge drums. This reliably removes residues and quenching oils from components and bulk material – and saves valuable raw materials and energy in the process.

WMV Curing process systems offer further savings potential during deoiling: up to 98% of quenching oils and lubricants can be recovered for recycling. Your material is oil-free and clean and optimally prepared for the processes after the tempering furnace. The reliable purity enables uniform and sustainable galvanic or zinc flake coating.

Curing process systems

The advantages for your processes:

  • Absolute batch separation
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • no media carry-over
  • Gentle parts handling
  • high cleaning quality
  • reduced tempering oven wear
  • Effective process sequences
  • fulfilment of the WHG/AwSV machine directive

Full automation – consistent quality in the shortest possible time

Whether it’s a new installation or an extension to your existing system: when planning and implementing Curing process systems, we focus on your individual requirements. With automated solutions for every process stage, we ensure the consistent quality, cost-effectiveness and maximum energy efficiency of your system.

Quality plus: The clean and reliable logging and documentation of the automated processes enables complete traceability of your components and ensures that quality standards are met. Relevant information along the entire process chain is available at all times. As a result, downtimes can be avoided, errors can be rectified as quickly as possible and further optimisation opportunities can be identified.

Curing process systems
Curing process systems

“Always a winning solution” – modular system for more flexibility in plant engineering

With our flexible modular system solutions, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner worldwide since 1970. What drives us is the further development of centrifuge technology as a sustainable technology with a clear focus on energy efficiency. Expertise, experience and enthusiasm for automation solutions also set new standards for greater efficiency and sustainability in the Curing process system – along the entire production chain.

To this end, we optimise the integration of the Curing process systems to your system technology and process sequence right from the start. Whether magnetic discharge conveyor or carousel discharge from the quenching bath: regardless of the manufacturer of your hardening and tempering furnaces, we adapt our washing systems to all components. Interfaces to the ERP system are a matter of course. Component-friendly loading and unloading systems and a time-efficient drying stage round off the reliable cleaning in the Curing process system with the de-oiling, washing and rinsing process stages. You determine the degree of automation.

Curing process systems from WMV –
clean and environmentally friendly

WMV Curing process systems require fewer chemical cleaning additives, less water and waste water, less oil and lubricants and less energy for intermediate cleaning in the Curing process system. With consistently good cleaning quality, you can make your Curing process systems more effective and climate-friendly with us.

Questions & Answers

How do your Curing process systems ensure that components are not damaged during the hardening process?

We ensure optimum surface protection through gentle loading and drop height reduction throughout the entire system. This prevents or minimises damage to even sensitive parts such as screws and screws with fine threads during the cleaning process.

What is the capacity of your Curing process systems? Can the systems be flexibly adapted to component sizes and geometries?

WMV Curing process systems are customised to the capacities of your curing ovens and your bulk material. Our systems are ideally suited for cleaning individual parts, micro screws and any type of bulk material.

How effective are your Curing process systems at removing impurities from components before and after hardening?

WMV systems work extremely effectively both before and after the Curing process system. Gentle loading and drop height reduction prevent surface damage in advance. Automated processes, strict batch separation and de-oiling, washing, rinsing and drying in centrifuge drums minimise washing and drying times. You save time, energy and material, reduce your CO2 footprint – and at the same time ensure consistently high cleaning quality.

How do you ensure that your Curing process systems run smoothly?

WMV’s robust mechanical engineering with intelligent system control ensures that our systems have an availability of over 95%. With the help of remote diagnostics and remote maintenance, downtimes can be recognised and prevented in good time. A PLC enables us to react immediately to any faults and obstacles. The high availability of original spare parts rounds off our service.

Do you have questions about our WMV Curing process systems?

We will be happy to advise you on our WMV Curing process systems