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Centrifuge – from the individual machine to the plant

The centrifuge from WMV Apparatebau GmbH is a tried and tested, fully developed industrial centrifuge for drying, coating, de-oiling, oiling or as a complete System that can be combined in any desired, scalable way.

WMV Industrial Centrifuge – robust and economical

Our Centrifuge are used in Surface Treatment. Our centrifuges are used in classic areas and tasks, e.g. by screw manufacturers or in the automotive industry. Learn more about dry centrifuges, swing centrifuges and immersion centrifuges.






No matter what viscosity – WMV has the right solution

The WMV centrifuges have been used for decades for oiling or impregnating bulk goods. Robust, economical and very reliable. We supply you with the right solution for a wide range of surface treatment tasks. Our focus is on low operating costs, ecological processes and durable machines. Made in Windeck.


Centrifuge for oiling

With our spraying or flooding process, the respective process can be optimally used depending on the medium or part geometry properties. To achieve a uniform surface finish, the individual sequences of the machine, a specific part or a group of parts, are adapted and assigned with the latest Siemens programmable logic controllers – PLC for short – by our experienced WMV software engineers for each customer requirement, so that each programme sequence is also reproducible. The standard centrifuge drum can also be exchanged for boxes or special customer containers if required.

Centrifuge as stand-alone solution or in combination

Oiling with WMV centrifuge technology runs like clockwork.

We offer our WMV centrifuge for oiling parts with complicated geometry or internal attacks in various sizes, from laboratory machines to large-scale interlinked systems.

The centrifuge for oiling is designed so that it can be used as a manually operated station and in automatic systems.


Tilt Centrifuge
De-oiling, Drying and Oiling of parts

  • Simple operation
  • Adaptable system through easily programmable process sequences
  • Automatic function sequence
  • Suitable for liquid-scooping parts
  • Robust and low-maintenance construction
  • Several operations in one machine
  • Optional speed and temperature control
  • 360 rpm


SZ 300

SZ 400

SZ 500

SZ 600

SZ 700

SZ 900

Loading weight

20 Kg
50 Kg
100 Kg
150 Kg
250 Kg
300 Kg

Useful volume

approx. 7 ltr.

approx. 20 ltr.

approx. 35 ltr.

approx. 50 ltr.

approx. 70 ltr.

approx. 110 ltr.

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WMV – Your specialist for coating

Efficient coating in the dip-spin process

We simplify your process with our functional and heavy-duty centrifuges for coating the TLZ, TULZ ® or FULZ series. Innovative, reliable and sustainable, we are your specialist for coating machines. We offer you high-quality, economical and reproducible solutions. Performance data of the WMV centrifuges at a glance:

Drum up to


Loading weight up to


Hourly Output up to



Series 300 – 500

Single Machine for Coating

For the surface coating of bulk parts, WMV has the TULZ ®coating system (immersion circulation coating centrifuge) in its modular product range. The single machine for coating has already proved itself for many years in use as a coating station for zinc flake systems and has been continuously further developed and optimised. In the past 17 years, the single machine for coating has been delivered more than 250 times to 23 countries worldwide. The single machine for coating is also ideally suited for applying different sealants in the electroplating sector.

Up to 85° with the Swing Centrifuge

Thanks to the movable coating container with quick-release couplings, the media can be changed within a very short time in just a few steps without reducing the material throughput. Another advantage of the stand-alone coating machine is the possibility of tilting the centrifuge drum up to 85° to circulate the parts. As the centrifuge drum is completely enclosed in the station, there is no reduction in the usable volume. Especially for flat-stamped parts and discs, a tilt angle greater than 75° is essential for optimum coating quality.


Centrifuge drum is easy to change

Thanks to the variable, freely parameterisable treatment programme, even small screws with internal engagement can be coated with excellent quality. An acceptable loading quantity can be realised in the centrifuge drum. Another advantage is the “loose” centrifuge drum, i.e. when the coating medium is changed, the centrifuge drum can be easily exchanged or removed for cleaning. In automatic systems, the drum is changed fully automatically without reducing the throughput of the system. The immersion circulation coating centrifuge is available in different sizes.

Would you like to learn more about the TULZ ® Centrifuge?

Centrifuge for drying, coating, de-oiling, oiling. Get more Data, Facts and Figures.

Flood Circulating Varnishing Centrifuge

WMV has the FULZ Coating System in its modular delivery programme for the surface coating of bulk pourable parts. Construction, material and practical experience prove the efficiency of the FULZ Stations. They are used in many branches of the metal processing industry, such as electroplating, hardening and mechanical production. The material is manually placed in a centrifuge drum or from the WMV system’s transport trolley into the station and treated.


Automatic operation of the FULZ centrifuge

  • A centrifuge drum filled with the material is set down from the transport trolley into the FULZ.
  • After the transport trolley has left the area of the station, the machine lid closes.
  • As soon as the lid is closed, the drum is centrifuged / recirculated / equalised according to programme specifications (times, speeds, tilt position, etc.).
  • When the treatment process is finished, the machine is slowed down and switched off.
  • After drum standstill, the machine lid opens and the transport trolley picks up the drum
Industrial centrifuge Agricultural industry

Industrial centrifuge
agricultural industry

Industrial centrifuge Automotive industry

Industrial centrifuge
automotive industry

Industrial centrifuge Construction industry

Industrial centrifuge
construction industry

Industrial centrifuge Furniture industry

Industrial centrifuge
furniture industry

Industrial centrifuge Wind power energy

Industrial centrifuge
wind power energy

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Centrifuge TLZ 300

Our practical PDF data sheet for the WMV TLZ 300


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Centrifuges for De-oiling

Big power in a small space

If WMV centrifuges are known worldwide for something, it is primarily for these disciplines: the de-oiling of parts or chips, the drying of bulk pourable parts and the oiling or impregnation of bulk goods. Robust, economical, extremely reliable – and with over 50 years of know-how inside. Here are a few performance data of the WMV centrifuges at a glance:

Drum up to


Rotational speed up to


Loading weight up to


Useful volume up to


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Centrifuge for De-oiling
Effective and gentle

When de-oiling with our WMV centrifuges, the main focus is on protecting the customer’s parts.

• The centrifuges are equipped with a step-less speed control to avoid bending or damaging longer or delicate parts.
• The speed and de-oiling time parameters can be entered individually when the programme is set.

It is also essential to de-oil before each wash or rinse process to contaminate the wash chemistry as little as possible. This increases the service life of the process baths.

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Centrifuge – from the individual machine to the plant. Tell us about your Industrial centrifuge project


Getting the hang of drying

WMV drying centrifuges – Our powerful modular single machines enable fast and spotless drying of wet parts.
Performance data of the WMV centrifuges:

Drum up to


Rotational speed up to


Loading weight up to


Useful volume up to



Centrifuge for drying

Drying is the removal of liquids from a substance or object by evaporation, vaporisation, the use of drying agents or other technical or chemical applications.

When drying washed, rinsed and coated parts, our centrifuge technology, proven over many years and optimised again and again, is used. Here, too, the advantage of the modular WMV system comes into its own.

Fast, effective, energy-saving

For standard goods, the WMV drying centrifuges are top of the range.

For parts that are difficult to dry, tightly packed or scooped, we use the tried-and-tested SZ tilt centrifuges; the infinitely variable tilt angle means that any material can be optimally treated.


How we dry

  • Drying by centrifugal force combined with the heat energy absorbed during washing and rinsing
  • Tilt centrifuges can additionally be equipped with a humidity measurement – here the heating power is regulated according to the measured humidity to avoid unnecessary use of heating energy

Advantages of the centrifuge for drying

  • Protection of the parts to be treated
  • Continuously variable speed control as standard
  • In the case of swing centrifuges, in addition to the speed, the angle of inclination and the number of recirculation cycles are adjustable
  • Parameters are adjusted to the geometry of the parts and can be given individually to each part during the programme task
  • Original spare parts

Bulk solids drying

The drying centrifuge Type SZ from WMV is the only alternative for drying bulk parts, even with complicated geometry or bag holes, in the shortest possible time in an energy-saving and stain-free manner. However, drying tasks do not always have to be carried out. With the right accessories, the machine is capable of oiling the goods or applying a top coat.

The heat output can be 12 – 20 and 22 kW. Depending on the type of application, it is also possible to choose between high temperature in the machine or high air throughput.

Get the practical PDF data sheet on the subject of SZ (Swing Centrifuge)

centrifuge SZ drying thumbnail

Our practical PDF data sheet for the WMV SZ (Swing Centrifuge)


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Questions & Answers

Where are industrial centrifuges used?

Industrial centrifuges are used in the cleaning process, oil removal process and salt bath rinsing process as well as in coating processes for the surface treatment of bulk materials and mass-produced goods.

Which industrial centrifuges are available?

Coating centrifuges, oil centrifuges, de-oiling centrifuges and drying centrifuges are used in surface treatment and coating systems.

What do you do with an industrial centrifuge?

In simple terms, an industrial centrifuge can be used to separate solids and liquids using centrifugal force. Industrial centrifuges are used in the treatment of metal components and workpieces to remove excess liquid media such as oils and greases from the components.

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