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Coating systems – Coating bulk material correctly after electroplating

Coating systems from WMV perfectly round off the treatment spectrum after electroplating. Our TULZ ®, PULZ ® and DSC coating systems fulfil individual assembly requirements, are manual or fully automated, scalable and efficient: This gives you the right final coating for every application – and saves resources.

Customised post-treatment – test our coating systems!

In WMV Coating systems, any type of bulk material is coated evenly and in a resource-saving manner – right down to the micro range. This is made possible by WMV centrifuge technology. From fast centrifuging to reducing the drop height and minimising media carry-over: our system solutions for TopCoat coating after the electroplating process are optimally tailored to your goods and work in a material-friendly, intelligent and highly efficient manner. The best thing to do is to try it out!

You can test our TULZ ®, PULZ ® and DSC systems under real conditions in our WMV technical centre. The WMV team provides you with proven process engineering expertise. By simulating real operation, you can work with us to develop your coating systems so that they integrate perfectly into your electroplating line – and can be further customised in the future. For greater efficiency, scalability and responsible use of resources, we are also constantly developing our solutions with customers at the B7 Campus.

Coating systems

Sustainable technology – even coating and savings

WMV centrifuge technology enables the conscious use of material and energy. We fulfil our guiding principle “As little as possible, as much as necessary” in the coating process by individually adapting our systems to the volume of the upstream electroplating process. For this purpose, volume-optimised dip tanks are filled with the ideal weight and thus individually adapted to the performance of the machine. This saves you media, time and energy and, thanks to speeds of up to 750 rpm, you obtain a very uniform coating thickness – perfectly customised to your requirements right down to the last undercut.

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Coating systems for a wide range of applications

“Always a winning combination” – manual or automated

We manage the balancing act between maximum automation and maximum flexibility thanks to the modular design of our plant systems. From manual stand-alone solutions to fully automated process solutions and unloading: you decide. We make it possible. With a well thought-out process chain along the stations drying, passivation, tempering through to TopCoat coating, we achieve the highest efficiency in electroplating post-treatment when we combine all stations fully automatically:

  • No reloading processes,
  • no system changes,
  • hardly any media carry-over,
  • media recirculation
  • Highest quality surface treatment in the electroplating sector.
Coating systems

Highly efficient coating systems –
Consistent results for all applications

WMV Coating systems are already in use hundreds of times in all industries – worldwide. As a stand-alone solution or fully automated, our TULZ ®, PULZ ® and DSC systems help you to coat more economically, efficiently and environmentally friendly.

Questions & Answers

How do you ensure that no medium is wasted in your coating systems?

Our specially developed Paint Recovery System PRS collects centrifuged coating media in a centrifuge jacket. This is located in the dip tank. After the spin-off and circulation cycles, this is lowered back into the dip tank with the coating medium: spun-off media is not lost and can be used down to the last drop.

What type of coating can your coating systems perform?

All types of coating can be carried out in our coating systems after the electroplating process. Our solutions are suitable for coating bulk and mass-produced goods in all qualities with optimised formulations. Customised parameters can be set for every requirement. Each product can be treated individually.

What is the difference between your TULZ ®, PULZ ® and DSC coating systems?

Our TULZ ®, PULZ ® and DSC coating systems have been specially developed for the different qualities of bulk material required. What they all have in common is a high standard of efficiency, flexibility and automation, which we customise to the customer’s requirements.

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