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Industrial centrifuge for the agricultural industry
High-end components for agricultural machinery

WMV industrial centrifuges for the agricultural industry de-oil, oil, dry and coat bulk materials for use in tractors, transport vehicles and combine harvesters. Each WMV centrifuge is tailor-made, modularly expandable and meets the specific requirements in agriculture – permanently!

Industrial centrifuge for the agricultural industry – automated and efficient

WMV centrifuges are individually tailored stand-alone solutions for optimal surface processing of small components made of stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and other metals.

Industrial centrifuge

Industrial centrifuge processes for the agricultural industry

Automated processes ensure maximum repeatability and connectivity.

For this purpose, the surfaces of screws, retaining bolts and other fastening elements for knives, blades and shovels are precisely machined so that they connect securely and function permanently even in stony and difficult environments. This is exactly what our customers from the agricultural industry and agriculture worldwide appreciate about centrifuges from WMV GmbH.

Features of our industrial centrifuges


  • robust and homogeneous results
  • efficient processes
  • modular expansion
  • plant-specific solutions
  • latest technology and software
  • energy efficient plants
  • personal process support
Industrial centrifuge

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Are you interested in an industrial centrifuge agricultural industry?

Centrifuge for the agricultural industry, industrial centrifuge. We will be glad to advise you!

WMV Windeck – Engineering services

Technology and service for solutions in the agricultural industry

Every WMV industrial centrifuge is a comprehensive solution for the agricultural industry. It starts with personal consulting and goes far beyond the joint development and realization of a customized individual or complete plant. As your partner, we help you to optimize processes sustainably.

As experienced engineers, we support you with our 24/h service and our own technology center to remain fit for the future. This is how high-quality centrifuge solutions are created that are individually tailored to your plants – since 1970.

You can rely on it

Components processed with WMV industrial centrifuges are

  • insensitive to dirt
  • resistant to mud, wire and stony soils
  • durable
  • corrosion resistant
  • optimally matched to fasteners
Industrial centrifuge

Our industrial centrifuges – You can build on them

WMV centrifuge technology was designed as a modular system. This means that any stand-alone solution can be further developed at any time – from the high-quality manual plant extension to the fully automated complete plant.

Simple and economical as never before, grow exactly as the market demands – while maintaining the same quality at the same location.

For our centrifuge for the agricultural industry you will receive original spare parts, support and training for a long time.

Features of our industrial centrifuges


Heating capacity: 0 – 12 KW

Loading weight: 50 Kg

Useful volume: 20 l

Drum ø: 400 mm

Drum height: 260 mm

Drum opening ø: 300 mm

Standard drum perforation ø: 2 mm

Connected load: 12 A – 22 A

Engine power: 1.5-2.5 kW

Motor speed: 980 1/min

Machines ø: 700 mm


Heating capacity: 0 – 12 KW

Loading weight: 100 Kg

Useful volume: 20 l

Drum ø: 500 mm

Drum height: 330 mm

Drum opening ø: 400 mm

Standard drum perforation ø: 3 mm

Connected load: 13 A – 23 A

Engine power: 2-3 kW

Motor speed: 980 1/min

Machines ø: 800 mm


Heating capacity: 0 – 12 KW

Loading weight: 150 Kg

Useful volume: 85 l

Drum ø: 600 mm

Drum height: 410 mm

Drum opening ø: 500 mm

Standard drum perforation ø: 4 mm

Connected load: 10 A – 19 A

Engine power: 2-3 kW

Motor speed: 750 1/min

Machines ø: 900 mm


Heating capacity: 0 – 12 KW

Loading weight: 300 Kg

Useful volume: 135 l

Drum ø: 700 mm

Drum height: 450 mm

Drum opening ø: 550 mm

Standard drum perforation ø: 4 mm

Connected load: 15 A – 24 A

Engine power: 2.5-3.5 kW

Motor speed: 750 1/min

Machines ø: 1000 mm

Questions & Answers

Does a WMV centrifuge for the agricultural industry work in a resource-saving way?

The careful use of resources is an essential quality feature of our centrifuges – not only for the agricultural industry. With WMV centrifuges for drying, coating, and oiling and de-oiling, oils and emulsions can be recycled without any problems. This saves costs in the manufacturing process and avoids wasting valuable resources. When manufacturing our centrifuges, we focus on durability. A solid design, selected components and well thought-out technology ensure that you do not have to invest in a new centrifuge for the agricultural industry every few years, which is good for the environment and not least for your budget.

How can I imagine the WMV modular system for a centrifuge for the agricultural industry?

We have developed the WMV modular system in-house in order to be able to meet the individual needs of our customers with precision. Since all components mesh perfectly, there are an infinite number of possible combinations. If your requirements for the plant have changed, the adaptation is made from the “modular system”. For example, if you started with a basic system, the modular principle makes it possible to retrofit, expand or automate it at a later date.

How quickly can I get spare parts for a WMV centrifuge for agricultural elements?

The fast and reliable supply of spare parts is an essential part of our quality standards. Our customer service also includes shipping and customs clearance. If the original spare part is in stock, it will reach you by the fastest route. Spare parts that need to be manufactured are produced in our fast lane, which we have established to ensure the fastest possible production in the company. The fast lane receives support from our long-standing partner suppliers as well as our in-house subsidiaries mtam and Inspad.

What spare parts should I have in stock just in case?

Since the WMV centrifuge for the agricultural industry is tailored to your needs, you will receive a spare parts recommendation with the delivery of the system. With this, we would like to advise you on the stocking of critical spare parts. If you have these in stock, you will be on the safe side in case of need. On the one hand, the duration of a plant shutdown is minimized, and on the other hand, the need for troubleshooting does not arise in the first place. The operational process is hardly disturbed, which saves you time, nerves and ultimately costs.

Does WMV offer remote maintenance?

To enable our software experts to respond efficiently and quickly, they connect to your system remotely. To get in touch with the right expert right from the start, we use a ticket system. If you would like 24/7 service, we recommend our 24-hour remote maintenance contract. If necessary, our specialists are at your side day and night – from fault diagnosis to troubleshooting – and around the globe. In addition, we keep your system preventively available. For example, the preconfigured router receives all necessary updates from the WMV server at three-month intervals.

Do you have questions about the industrial centrifuge for agriculture?

The WMV team stands for high-end components for industrial centrifuges in agricultural machinery