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Deoiling Systems – efficient washing results for optimised machining processes

WMV deoiling systems prepare your bulk material in centrifuges for subsequent production and refinement processes in a clean and highly efficient manner. Thanks to the modular design, each deoiling system can be customised to your individual requirements – as a manually operated stand-alone solution or a fully automated complete system.

Cleanly separated – by batch and from lubricants

WMV centrifuge technology is at the heart of our deoiling systems: oils and other lubricants are separated from the bulk material purely by rapid centrifuging in the drum – and then fed back into the cleaning system. Up to 98% of the valuable oils and emulsions can thus be recovered and recycled. All without the addition of chemical cleaning agents. And cleanly separated by batch.

Deoiling Systems

The advantages of deoiling systems for your processes:

  • Resources are used responsibly
  • The carry-over of lubricants is minimised
  • Costs for the replacement of oil and lubricants are reduced
  • Bulk material is optimally prepared for subsequent coating or finishing processes
  • A longer shelf life of tempering furnaces is made possible
  • Every drop saved is a benefit for your processes – and for the environment

Full centrifugal force – the technology in detail

After centrifuging in the deoiling centrifuge, we collect oils and lubricants that have been added to the bulk material in the hardening oil quenching bath in our deoiling system – and continuously return them to the quenching bath. Optimum utilisation of the centrifugal force achieves a very high washing quality. On the other hand, the valuable lubricants can be almost completely reused for further processing. Always included: The perfect integration of your systems for deoiling into your process as well as optional process optimisation.

Deoiling Systems

“Always a winning combination” – perfect integration from stand-alone solutions to intralogistics

WMV systems for deoiling also offer tailor-made solutions for optimising internal logistics. Whether a single solution or several continuously running deoiling centrifuges that are integrated directly into the production process: WMV’s modular design always allows you to optimise the layout of your deoiling system to your hardening and tempering furnace.

This saves you time and money at this stage of cleaning in the Curing process system: parts transport becomes more effective, you keep your production facility as oil-free as possible – and receive deoiled parts ready for further processing.

What else can you build on?

Our enthusiasm for technology, our passion for your project – and the WMV efficiency standards:

  • 1 competent contact person
  • Energy-efficient centrifuge technology
  • Reduced material carryover
  • customised degree of automation
  • process documentation
  • modular plant design
  • Increased performance through optimised part-specific treatment parameters

Deoling systems WMV – maximum efficiency with minimum resource consumption
Maximum efficiency with minimum resource consumption

The focus of our cleaning systems is on optimising cleaning results while minimising the consumption of resources.
We achieve these goals by developing future-proof automation and logistics concepts – and by perfectly integrating WMV centrifuge technology into your production processes.

Questions & Answers

What type of bulk material can be cleaned in WMV Deoiling systems?

Our Deoiling systems can cleanly separate bulk materials and individual parts made of all metals and plastics from all common lubricants such as preservative oils, production oils and emulsions. Chips can also be deoiled in our batch centrifuges in a clean and almost residue-free manner and optimally prepared for further use or disposal.

What are the capacities of WMV Deoiling systems?

WMV Deoiling systems are customised to existing processes and the required capacities of your overall system. Our systems can be designed, built and integrated into existing plants for irregular small-scale applications from 10 kg up to capacities of several tonnes per day.

How flexible are WMV Deoiling systems?

Thanks to a modular system concept, each deoiling system can be individually adapted to existing infrastructure and expanded at a later date. In line with customer requirements, we realise modern deoiling solutions ranging from individual deoiling machines to complex, fully automated complete systems from loading to unloading – including interfaces to the ERP system.

Do you have questions about our Deoiling systems?

We are happy to advise you – Systems for cleaning Deoiling Deoiling