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Automated Dosing Machine

The WMV Dosing Machine weighs your bulk material more precisely than ever and fills it cleanly, batch for batch, down to the last residue. This is how we get the optimum along the entire dosing line. Fully or semi-automatic.

Dosing Machine
developed to measure and perfectly integrated

Highly efficient, process-safe and tailored to your processes, with our automated full or partial solutions for the Dosing Machine,
you can react even more flexibly to production requirements. Each of our innovative dosing and weighing systems can be configured exactly to your needs. Residual quantities and last batches are individually controlled and parts are cleanly separated.
Can by can, we thus get only the best out of each batch with optimum protection of the goods. Improved repeatability, maximum efficiency and minimum workforce.

The WMV Modular System

✓ Loading ✓ Filling ✓ Mounting ✓ Feeding

The modular design of our systems allows you to decide individually where an automated solution makes sense and how it can improve efficiency and effectiveness along the dosing line – right down to the matching materials handling technology.

What we mean by optimal system integration is loading, filling, mounting and feeding always fit your requirements perfectly.

What you can rely on:

  • highest flexibility
  • no mixing in the plant
  • economic residual quantity optimisation
  • reliable process sequences
  • time-saving solutions
  • including solutions for material handling technology

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Dosing machine

Easy handling with the Dosing Machine

with maximum control

Our solutions for the dosing technology mesh perfectly, from the mechanics to the matching software. They work “hand in hand” with each other – and with their operators. It is particularly important to us that not only the processes are improved, but also the working environment.

Thus, WMV systems and system components are ergonomic and all interfaces can be operated intuitively. Protocols that can be called up at any time provide meaningful data in real-time. This way, we help you to avoid errors and continuously improve processes.

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Dosing Machine with WMV, tray vibrators, conveyor belts. We will be happy to advise you!