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Electroplating systems – energy-efficient complete solutions with WMV centrifuge technology

WMV electroplating systems complete our plant engineering portfolio in the field of surface treatment. Based on proven WMV centrifuge technology and WMV automation processes, you can now obtain all systems for your complete process chain from a single source – and exploit the full optimisation potential of your surface processes: you consume less energy and resources. Save costs and CO2. And make a valuable contribution to climate protection.

Electroplating systems – made in Germany and the USA

Since 2023, our American subsidiary UAS has been rounding off our range in the field of plant engineering with its manufacturing expertise in electroplating systems. Since 2006, UAS has stood for the highest quality in all electroplating processes. During this time, valuable knowledge has been built up and integrated into the production processes of well-known manufacturers in the automotive, construction, wind power and furniture industries. By combining WMV engineering and UAS Galvano expertise, we are taking the entire electroplating process to a new level.

Our expertise in automation and energy efficiency in plant engineering now also flows into the construction of electroplating systems. This allows us to create highly efficient and powerful complete systems that fulfil the requirements of reliable and sustainable surface treatment. Even more economical. More energy efficient. In excellent quality. And with perfect system integration.

Electroplating Systems

“Always a winning combination” – for individual modules or complete systems

Since our foundation in 1970, we have continued to perfect the construction of complex modular systems for surface treatment. Today, customers around the world rely on our highly efficient solutions, which we customise to meet specific requirements. And integrate them seamlessly into existing systems. The centrepiece of our solutions is WMV centrifugal technology. This now also makes it possible to increase the energy efficiency of electroplating systems.

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Because at WMV you always have the choice: Would you like to customise your existing electroplating system? Integrate WMV’s proven expertise into all surface treatment systems? And with high reproducibility? We offer the right system solution for your processes: Module by module, WMV’s expertise in automation technology ensures implementation. From pre-treatment to the electroplating system to post-treatment.

Electroplating Systems

Our drive – making processes 360° more effective

By expanding our portfolio in the area of surface finishing, you also benefit from streamlined coordination processes and targeted communication when building electroplating systems. You have a competent contact partner for all process steps. And secure your lead right from the start with the WMV efficiency standards:

  • Energy efficiency through centrifuge technology
  • Reduced material carryover due to specific system configuration
  • Very high degree of automation
  • High traceability through process documentation
  • Increased occupational safety thanks to automated processes
  • Increased performance through fully automated quality control

Your benefit – more than just a beautiful appearance

Conventional, electroless electroplating processes require a lot of energy. The reason for this is the very high media carry-over: when the horizontal drums are transported to subsequent electroplating tanks, some of the chemical additives are lost and have to be added. The electroplating baths also have to be cleaned regularly. This additional need for resources drives up costs.

This is precisely where WMV electroplating systems with centrifuge drums come in: With the help of the centrifuge, the media remains in the original bath and can be used again and again. This reduces media carry-over by up to 92%. The electroplating baths also rarely need to be cleaned: They use less waste water, less electricity and fewer chemical additives. Around 60% of electroplating processes are improved thanks to WMV centrifuge technology: the electroplating system works more effectively. And more climate-friendly.

Electroplating Systems

Efficient process technology – from pre-treatment onwards

From loading to unloading: The electroplating process consists of several steps. WMV technology makes each of these steps more effective. This means that energy costs are reduced in the pre- and post-treatment processes and in the electroplating plant.

From oil removal, washing, rinsing and activation or tempering to passivation, chromating, coating and drying: based on centrifugal technology, the energy and resource requirements can be minimised in all pre-treatment and post-treatment process stages. This allows you to realise a high energy-saving potential both before and after the actual electroplating process: with WMV, you need less electricity throughout and produce fewer CO2 emissions.

Electroplating systems from WMV –
Customised solutions in the smallest of spaces

Across all surface finishing processes, our focus is on optimising process results while minimising operating costs. We achieve these goals by creating customised automation concepts, a very high degree of automation – and by integrating WMV centrifuge technology into your electroplating systems.

Frequently asked questions

How do you ensure that your electroplating systems run smoothly?

The availability of WMV systems is more than 95%. This almost completely fault-free operation is the result of the interplay between solid mechanical engineering and intelligent system control. Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance prevent machine downtime. The programmable logic controller (PLC) analyses the situation and can react immediately to any faults and obstacles. The high availability of original spare parts rounds off our service.

How user-friendly are your electroplating systems?

During and after commissioning, competent WMV specialists will familiarise your staff with the operation of your electroplating system. Intelligent control technology takes the strain off your employees and makes the system easy to operate. In addition to our training courses, a competent WMV contact person is always available to answer any questions you may have about operability.

How can I ensure that black chromated parts are not damaged during the drying process?

Coated parts are gently spun and dried with hot air in WMV drying systems. Drying using gravitational force is more energy-efficient and achieves a significantly better surface structure than conventional drying processes in a horizontal drum.

Can we expand or improve our electroplating plant in the future if our requirements change?

Thanks to our modular system, we can expand your system at any time and adapt it to your processes. We ensure a high degree of system integration thanks to our many years of expertise and experience in plant engineering and the automation of surface treatment processes.

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