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The WMV Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment – We manufacture machines for coating, cleaning, drying and annealing. Our machines are available as complete systems and are scalable in expansion. We have 50 years of experience in mechanical engineering, nationally and internationally. Put together your own plant solution.

The Scalable Plant Solution for Surface Treatment

With our plant engineering, we create machines for Surface Treatment, from small parts

(e.g. inner hexagonal round) to large chassis parts – all must be protected from environmental influences and oxidation and treated according to their use. From a single machine for Surface Treatment to a complete system consisting of many components, we create these machines for you. For this purpose, we offer and develop individual, high-quality and efficient plant solutions, from manually operated to fully automated.

Coating Systems

Coatings are one of WMV’s supreme disciplines. Whether thick, thin or continuous layers for bulk parts that can be poured or complex, flat stamped and bent parts – we offer customised solutions for all of these within the modular WMV systems.

These are in demand from our customers Worldwide and have been tried and tested for years. We protect your investment through continuous further development, support through remote maintenance, available original spare parts and training.

Cleaning Systems

Here, too, our modular system comes into its own and offers flexible, material-friendly, highly efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Through constant care of the baths, pre-oiling and centrifuging after and between the treatment steps, we achieve a long service life of the baths. The constantly supplied, regulated water quantity and regular control of the washing lye concentration ensure a high cleaning quality. Thanks to our many years of experience, it is also low-waste water.


Metallic materials are heat-treated in order to specifically optimise the properties of the components. Resistance to chemicals and temperature resistance are increased – and tensions in the material structure are reduced.

The result is obvious in the best sense of the word: the longevity of the treated materials increases considerably – also due to the targeted prevention of hydrogen embrittlement.

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