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PULZ ® planetary circulation coating centrifuge

PULZ ® Coating System for the smallest fasteners with internal force application. The system ensures that the excess coating medium is removed before the drying process begins. Even the smallest cavities are coated with the PULZ ® wetted. We have been making apparatus for 50 years.

Coating with the PULZ ® at 32g acceleration

In close collaboration with a world-leading manufacturer of fasteners, the novel PULZ ® was developed. The special, patent-pending technology makes it possible to bring the parts to spin-off speed with an acceleration of 32g after immersion. At the same time as the spin-off speed is reached, the position of the parts can be changed so that the excess coating medium can also be removed from cavities, internal attacks, undercuts and other scooping areas of the part geometry even before the drying process begins.


From 0 to 180 min-1 in 5 seconds

In order to be able to control the forces that occur and the power required to change the position, two slewing gears were provided on a central beam.

A beam with three drums is rotated on each slewing gear. The beam is accelerated to a speed of 180 min-1 in 5 seconds. The newly developed gripper system holds the drum securely and reliably in the holder to withstand large forces. The drive beam and drums can be swivelled up to 45° to circulate the parts while they are immersed in the medium. Even the smallest cavities can be filled.

Performance data:

Loading Weight: max. 120 kg / batch

Loading Volume: 30 l – 45 l

Cycle time: 3 min.

Throughput: 2,400 kg / h (with 1 station)

Technical data:

Number of Drums: 2 pieces (3 pieces per carrier)

Dimension Drums:
Ø 310 mm, height h = 350 mm

Speed: 180 min-1

Tilt angle: 45° (during diving)

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Efficiency with the highest quality –
even with the smallest force internal attacks

Even for parts with force internal engagement in the order of M2, the highest gauge durability is achieved during coating. High acceleration and simultaneous position change ensure uniform coating thickness distribution over the entire surface with the different geometries such as thread, head, internal engagement etc..

30 % saving in media consumption, compared to conventional coating processes, nevertheless lead to higher quality and excellent corrosion protection properties.


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PULZ ® can be integrated into the WMV modular system

The coating station can be combined with the proven WMV modules both as a stand-alone application and as a fully automated system with integrated pre-treatment and material and coating drum handling. Belt, batch or tray furnace systems can be used.


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