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Drying Systems –
Efficient drying after the electroplating process

Drying Systems with WMV centrifuge technology are highly efficient, part-specific and functional – without using expensive heating energy. Your bulk material dries with reliable reproducibility. And your electroplating processes will be more efficient than ever.

Drying bulk goods in the drum – individually and intelligently in every drying stage

In contrast to conventional Drying Systems in the horizontal drum, at WMV we use centrifugal force to dry bulk material after electroplating. In a first step, the wetness is spun off in a perforated drum using high centrifugal force. Repeated circulation and centrifuging of the drum following this process ensures that the wetness is completely released during the drying process. Very good results can be achieved with very small parts, hollow parts, flat parts and challenging part geometries. Particularly gentle: the parts are transferred seamlessly to the centrifuge after the final rinse – either manually or automatically.

Drying Systems

Save time and energy on a product-specific basis – through precise residual moisture measurement

Time-saving plus: humidity sensors can continuously measure and control the residual moisture content in the exhaust air – and are used as a yardstick for determining whether or not further drying is required. Whether with or without residual moisture measurement, the drying times in the centrifuge drum can be set individually and depending on the item. Even complicated geometries and undercuts are dried completely and stain-free – in the shortest possible time. And with minimal energy.

Perfectly functioning complete package from a single source

Drying Systems from WMV Apparatebau Windeck. We will be happy to advise you!

Drying Systems

Drying Systems for sensitive parts too – perfectly integrated into your electroplating line

Whether stand-alone drying system or drying for the passivation or TopCoat coating process: The modular WMV system enables the integration of drying systems exactly where you need them. Space-saving, highly efficient and precisely customised to your bulk material, we develop the solution that optimally and gently prepares your range of parts for further surface treatments: Slow and gentle circulation in the drum minimises the mechanical stress even for delicate parts such as clips, clamps and fittings: Your parts are reliably dried without damaging them.

Drying parts in the centrifuge drum – all the advantages at a glance

In WMV Drying Systems, bulk material is dried in round, perforated drums using centrifuge technology. This has many advantages:

  • Even drying: Regular circulation of the drum ensures that the parts dry evenly everywhere. Your parts are spotless all round, optimised as a finished product and perfectly prepared for subsequent coatings.
  • High energy efficiency: Utilising centrifugal force saves energy for heating the air. Residual moisture sensors measure and control the drying time individually and precisely. Your processes become as efficient as possible and more environmentally friendly.
  • Maximum flexibility: The swivelling angle of the centrifuge can be infinitely adjusted from 0 – 60° to suit the specific part: You only need 1 centrifuge to dry different part sizes and geometries. You save space and costs.
Drying Systems
Drying Systems

“Always a winning combination” – modular design also in the electroplating process

By integrating WMV Drying Systems into your electroplating line, you benefit from the expertise of WMV centrifugal technology and automation as required. We adapt our system modules for drying bulk material after electroplating to your specific requirements in an intelligent and scalable way. With expert contacts, streamlined coordination processes and decades of experience in plant engineering, we support you in continuously improving your electroplating processes – whenever you want.

Efficiently dry the entire range of bulk materials – with customised Srying Systems from WMV

With our drying stations in the electroplating line, we help you to optimise your processes. Customised and energy-efficient solutions based on WMV centrifuge technology ensure the quality of even the most sensitive parts and help you to achieve your climate targets.

Frequently asked questions

Can WMV Drying Systems be integrated directly after the electroplating process?

Yes, you can also use our drying station as a stand-alone system and to prepare for passivation or TopCoat coating. Our drying station can also be integrated into electroplating lines for intermediate drying after passivation and before TopCoat coating.

Does every WMV Drying System fit into every electroplating system?

Our solution for drying bulk material after the electroplating process can be integrated into any system, regardless of the manufacturer. The stations are space-saving and specially developed for modular and scalable systems.

How do your Drying Systems ensure the specific quality requirements for our diverse range of parts?

The swivelling angle of the centrifuge can be precisely adjusted to the material. Heating temperatures and residual moisture are measured and controlled for each specific part. This ensures that surfaces are not damaged and are optimally prepared for further treatments.

Do you have any questions about WMV drying systems?

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