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Coating Systems TULZ ®, PULZ ®, DSC

Our coating equipment is designed for zinc flake coating, top-coat coating, sealing, bonded coatings or passivation with rinsing process. From single stations to complete plants, our immersion circulating coating centrifuges can coat
TULZ ®, PULZ ® or DSC.

Coating Systems also for pourable bulk parts

A Coating System for many challenges is WMV’s supreme discipline. Whether thick, thin or continuous layers for bulk parts that can be poured or complex, flat stamped and bent parts – we offer customised solutions for all of these within the WMV systems which are in demand from our customers worldwide and have been tried and tested for years. Why does this work so well? And why are we particularly good at it? Perhaps because we simply never stop researching and developing. For us, for our customers and for constantly new conditions and changing challenges, and that for over 50 years.


Immersion Circulating Varnishing Centrifuge

From automated systems to individual stations, from bulk goods to rack goods. The way it works:

  1. Loading
  2. Diving
  3. Circulation
  4. Spinning off

Drum volume from 15 litres to 110 litres
Feed weight 100 kg to 250 kg
Capacity 1500 kg/h to 3,750 kg/h


planetary circulation coating centrifuge

Our newest member of the coating stations is the PULZ ®. This enables us to achieve paint savings of up to 30% with the same corrosion protection.

In addition, completely new application possibilities arise. Screw sizes from M3 with internal engagement are now no longer a problem.

Dip Spin Conveyor

Flexible and powerful. The DSC carriage is ideally suited for passivating, applying top coats, lubricant coatings and similar…

  1. Diving
  2. Incline
  3. Spin-off

In the case of a double design of the galvanising drums the DSC is manufactured as a double carriage.


Are you interested in a WMV Coating System?

Coating Systems TULZ, PULZ, DSC – zinc flakes . We will be happy to support you!

Coating with WMV coating systems

The WMV Coating Systems are adapted to the special application challenges of the customers. Whether zinc flake coating, top coat coating, sealing, bonded coatings or passivation with subsequent rinsing process, we have the right system for your coating.
In addition to the actual coating process, sub-processes such as pre-treatment, washing and blasting are fully integrated into the Coating System and all from a single source. The WMV system also has modern Coating Systems for laboratory
applications and small series production.


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Coating systems

Sustainable coating plant

Energy efficiency, sustainability and resource conservation are key considerations for every coating plant. Energy-efficient drives are selected with the highest available energy efficiency class that makes economic sense, with braking energy fed back into the grid via innovative frequency converter technology. Intelligent solutions minimise the consumption of high-priced process media and valuable resources. Optimal recovery of process media through the use of centrifugal technology in the coating process area.

Highest automation and quality

Coating plants are designed with a high degree of automation and adapted to customer requirements. Accordingly, process requirements such as throughput, quality reproducibility, logging and visualisation are only a small part of a multitude of possibilities. From loading to unloading, all parameters for optimum coating quality are freely adjustable. This means that every coating recipe can be precisely adapted to the goods and optimised. In order to show you that we have the right coating system for your application, trials and small series can be run in our WMV technical centre.

Coating systems

Questions and Answers

Which coating systems are available?

WMV Apparatebau GmbH has developed the modular coating systems TULZ, PULZ, FULZ and DSC (Dip Spin Conveyor) for the dip spin and rack dip spin processes. Each of these WMV coating systems has been designed for specific requirements in the field of coating bulk materials and large components and can be individually adapted.

Why do you coat metal?

Metal is coated to provide lasting protection against corrosion, to enhance its appearance or to improve its functionality. How thick the coating is applied and which coating is suitable depends on the type and task of the metal.

Can steel be coated?

Steel workpieces need to be coated to protect them from corrosion. A zinc flake coating, for example, is particularly suitable for high-strength steels to minimise the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. Larger structures made of steel can be coated with paint to change or improve the appearance or aesthetics

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