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Rack goods – customised and complex parts handling with Plants from WMV

Rack goods are coated evenly and consistently like never before in WMV Plants. Inside and out. This makes your components more durable and particularly resistant to corrosion. You also save energy and material thanks to intelligent control technology, automated processes and the treatment of your rack goods with WMV centrifuge technology.

Customised component treatment – our rack goods
for maximum flexibility and product quality

We at WMV are convinced that complex components require complex coating parameters. That is why we equip your plant for the treatment of rack goods with individual programmes and processes: You have the option of using the versatile Dip Drain process or the specific Dip Spin process to treat your components. This means you remain flexible in the treatment of your components and can always use exactly the process for the treatment of your rack goods that ensures the quality of your components – from small to really large. Manual or automatic. According to your requirements and needs!

Rack goods

Round thing – the handling of rack goods in round racks

In WMV Plants, rack goods are treated using centrifuge technology in rack systems customised for your components. This has many advantages:

  • Uniform coating: In rack plants and rack systems, the paint is applied evenly over the entire surface. Even cavities and undercuts are coated cleanly. The coating quality of your rack goods is consistent all round in terms of coating thickness and appearance.
  • Better corrosion protection: Compared to spray treatment, overspray on the component is avoided. You use less coating material.
  • High energy efficiency: Fully automated centrifuging after each process allows media to be recovered intelligently. By utilising the rotational forces, you save energy, resources and time.
  • Maximum flexibility: Components of any size can be processed in our rack systems.

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Metal finishing for racks

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How the treatment of racked goods works in WMV Plants

Since 1970, we have been supporting companies worldwide with WMV Centrifuge Technology and automation solutions tailored to your needs. From individual systems to complete process chains including loading, pre-treatment, coating, post-treatment and unloading. Here you can see how we proceed with the treatment of rack goods:


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Rack goods

Seamless system integration – for efficient and smooth process chains

Together with you, we configure the system solution that suits you perfectly: efficient, sustainable and space-saving. Because every WMW plant is always a plant of short distances. Perfectly adapted to your hall layout and your ERP system, we develop a solution for the surface treatment of your rack goods that pays off in the long term: in the optimum location, with maximum efficiency and for smooth processes – today and tomorrow.

Intelligent technology – for better surfaces and more throughput

WMW systems for the treatment of rack goods are equipped with intelligent control technology from A to Z. Even the fully automatic pre-treatment is adapted to your components and ensures optimised processes, maximum efficiency and improved throughput: you save time, energy and man power – both in new and existing plants. We make this possible with the modular WMV system – from the integration of individual machines to scalable complete systems.

Rack goods
Rack goods

“Always a winning combination” – modular design for further performance enhancement

The continuous improvement of surface finishing has been our driving force since WMV was founded in 1970. With our modular plant solutions, we make it easy for companies worldwide to build complex surface treatment plants. Module by module, we also customise our plants for the treatment of rack goods to meet your specific requirements. Always included: WMV centrifugal technology and automation as required. In this way, we help you to continuously improve your performance – whenever you want.

Find out more about WMV industrial centrifugals.

Good all-round support – from the idea to integration

WMV stands for lean and efficient processes – also in dialogue with our clients. You have a competent contact partner for all process steps. And thanks to reliable support before, during and after the integration of your plant, you can rely on our expertise – worldwide and for as long as you wish:

  • 24-hour hotline
  • High availability of your Rack goods plant
  • Effective testing and maintenance
  • Customised training and further education on site and at our B7 Campus

Optimum handling of racked goods – with
with customised plants from WMV

With our plants for the treatment of racked goods, we support you in improving the quality of your products and processes. You can rely on customised system concepts, flexible treatment options, automation as required and the efficiency of WMV centrifuge technology.

Questions & Answers

Which coatings can a WMV Plant realise on the rack material?

WMV Plants are designed for coatings of all kinds. Zinc flake coating, TopCoats, anti-friction coatings or passivation are just some of the possibilities offered by a WMV rack system. These enable the accurate coating of cavities and undercuts and offer optimum corrosion protection for high-strength components.

How flexible are WMV Plants for handling racked goods in terms of rack shape and size?

We use rack systems for handling racked goods. These can be realised in any size and design. More components can be treated in different designs and in a shorter time.

Can the efficiency of WMV Plants for the treatment of racked goods be improved even further?

A further increase in efficiency can be achieved by decelerating the skidding process: The braking energy can be recovered and utilised through recuperation.

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