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Cleaning Systems economical and efficient

With our industrial Cleaning Systems, we achieve low chemical and water consumption. The drives are provided in the DRE / IE3 version, a high energy efficiency class. For parts that are difficult to dry and lie tightly, our tried and tested “swing centrifuge” Cleaning Systems is used.

Industrial Cleaning Systems

The WMV Cleaning Systems in the proven WMV system makes it possible to respond to individual requirements and customer wishes. A great deal of attention is paid to quality, product protection, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Salt Bath Hardening

Our salt rinsing system not only helps you rinse cleanly after salt bath curing, but also in an environmentally conscious way. This is made possible by a clever centrifuging process in which up to 95% of the salt can be recovered from the salt bath and reused. This sustainably conserves your resources and parts and saves you time and money.

Cleaning systems

Cleaned before cleaning

By de-oiling the product before the washing process, up to 95% of the oil can already be spun off from the product to be treated and thus does not pollute the wash liquor of the Cleaning Systems.

Getting the hang of cleaning

The possibility of spinning off the product within the washing and rinsing stations reduces the carry-over between the washing and rinsing media of the individual stages to a minimum, which additionally reduces the consumption of chemicals and water. This concept allows for long washing suds storage times of up to six months and thus high economic efficiency.


To ensure optimal dephosphatisation of the product, it is essential that, in addition to the effect of the cleaning chemistry, a mechanical effect is also exerted on the fabric by the circulation during the washing process. This is comparable to the process of washing hands.

Cleaning systems

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Cleaning systems

Getting the hang of drying

When drying washed and rinsed parts, our centrifuge technology, proven over many years and optimised repeatedly, is used. Here, too, the advantage of the modular WMV system comes into its own.

For standard goods, the WMV drying centrifuges are top of the line. For parts that are difficult to dry, tightly packed or scooped, we use the tried and tested swivel centrifuges in our Systems.

And this is how it works – fast, effective and energy-saving

Drying by centrifugal force, combined with a circulation process, enables much better heat penetration and drying of the parts. In addition, the swing centrifuges are equipped with a humidity measurement. Here, the heating power is regulated according to the measured humidity in order to avoid the unnecessary use of heating energy.

Cleaning systems

PLC Control and Remote Maintenance

The PLC control system used with the SIEMENS touch-screen panels offers high user-friendliness and optimum support for troubleshooting and maintenance. Like all WMV systems, PLC controls have an internet connection via which remote maintenance is possible. This way, WMV specialist personnel can quickly help with any troubleshooting. With an optional 24-hour on-call service contract, support from specialist personnel is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.


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Cleaning systems

Energy efficiency through DRE / IE3

When designing the systems described, the main focus is on energy efficiency. All drives are generally provided in the DRE / IE3 version, which is the second-highest energy efficiency class available.

The frequency converters used have the option of mains feedback. In this case, the braking process takes place as a generator, whereby the energy gained in the process is fed directly back into the mains and can be used by other consumers.

Energy saving with our cleaning

The application is particularly useful where, due to the system, high speeds frequently have to be braked to a standstill and then accelerated again, e.g. in centrifuges, washing and rinsing stations.

The achievable energy saving for the respective drive unit can be up to 80%.

WMV’s industrial Systems are tried and tested and feature unique cleaning technology.

Cleaning systems

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