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Salt Bath Hardening in the WMV System

WMV salt rinsing systems spin-off the still liquid salt directly after salt bath hardening. Up to 95% of the salt can thus be recovered and reused from all baskets, components and cavities. This saves salt and rinsing water.
and protects your goods.

WMV salt rinsing systems for sustainable Salt Bath Hardening

Salt Bath Hardening – clean procedure through clever rinsing. Flexible, effective, environmentally friendly and reliable, WMV salt rinsing systems are designed for sustainable production processes. Rinsing and washing processes can be individually controlled and optimised depending on the recipe. Standard pre- and post-rinsing with each rinse cycle ensures the highest cleaning results.

Particularly sustainable, the still liquid salt is centrifuged directly after the salt bath treatment in a heated centrifuge. In this way, our systems recover up to 95% of the salt. You save valuable resources and obtain optimally cleaned materials – made conscious for long-term use.

Salt bath hardening

“A winning combination” – even for complex geometries

WMV salt rinsing systems are holistic solutions that can also be individually designed for special requirements. For parts with complex geometry, swivelling centrifuges ensure optimum centrifuging results.

Even salt from cavities or parts lying flat on top of each other can be reliably removed – and returned to the salt bath through heated pipes after salt bath hardening.

Your advantages

  • up to 95% salt is returned to the bath
  • Salt and rinse water are reduced to a maximum
  • Minimises the amount of salt that needs to be flushed
  • Long and delicate parts are protected thanks to infinitely variable speed control
Salt bath hardening

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Salt bath hardening

The rinsing process – step by step

All four cleaning phases of our salt rinsing systems can be individually adapted. This ensures optimum treatment of your goods and clean batch separation even after salt bath. The heart of each system is the centrifuge drum, which is specifically adapted to the perforation, type of sheet metal and range of parts: the goods are transported through the entire process in this drum until they are emptied.

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Salt bath hardening

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The four phases of cleaning

  • Picking up the goods in the centrifuge drum
  • Part-specific rinsing with individual treatment programmes
  • Energy-saving drying with drying or swing centrifuges
  • Emptying with gentle dumping device
Salt bath hardening

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