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Plants for Dephosphating – energy-efficient, environmentally conscious and sustainable

We develop and build plants for dephosphating racked and bulk goods according to individual requirements for worldwide use. Absolute batch separation and maximum energy efficiency included. From loading to unloading, including intelligent automation technology.

Absolute batch separation through dephosphating – environmentally friendly and resource-saving drum by drum

WMV Plants for Dephosphating avoid the mixing of components from the loading stage onwards. This means that the material remains permanently in one drum during the entire cleaning process. Batch mixing is therefore avoided. The advantages are obvious: your material is optimally prepared for the subsequent processes, the use of raw materials is minimised and material waste is avoided. Environmentally friendly plus: Thanks to the highly efficient cleaning cycle, your consumption of water and media additives is significantly reduced.

Plants for Dephosphating

Media recycling – through centrifuging and a clever dephosphating system structure

WMV Plants for Dephosphating work on the basis of WMV centrifuge technology. This prevents the various media from being carried over between processes by centrifuging them after each treatment process. As a result, the media remain in the desired process. Another advantage: the drum can be freely selected in terms of perforation and design. And can be adapted and optimised to suit the product and media.

Efficiency through to drying – saves time and energy

To further increase energy efficiency, the treatment media is returned after each treatment process by centrifuging the media. As the parts to be treated are heated during dephosphating, they are optimally prepared for the drying process in a WMV centrifuge system: Warm components dry faster, more evenly and therefore without stains during spin-drying. Energy-saving plus: thanks to automated residual moisture measurement. Overdrying is avoided. Your components are quickly, efficiently and optimally prepared for coating.

Plants for Dephosphating

Energy efficiency – we get even more out of it

Save time and energy with WMV technology

Plants for Dephosphating

Increased throughput rate – fast and error-free with WMV automation technology

In our dephosphating plants, sophisticated control systems and easy-to-use barcode scans help to simplify your processes even further. WMV dephosphating plants select the right treatment parameters and set the right priorities individually and automatically. This means that your plant is always optimally utilised: You dephosphate more economically, more efficiently, faster – and can integrate your control system into your ERP system at any time, even at a later date.

“Always a winning combination” – modular expansion for greater effectiveness

Our modular plant system allows the control system and warehouse logistics to interact at any time. The advantage: a master computer automatically analyses the treatment processes and makes forward-looking decisions based on the effectiveness of the plant. You also benefit from our modular system solutions in plant construction when expanding or building new Plants for Dephosphating:

Whether drums with a diameter of 400 mm up to a diameter of 900 mm: perfectly adapted to the desired range of parts, we expand your existing plant according to the desired throughput capacity.

Plants for Dephosphating

Plants for Dephosphating – module by module
Module by module more efficiency

WMV Plants for Dephosphating ensure the optimum cleaning quality of your components – energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, strictly separated by batch – and with comprehensive service and support before, during and after plant construction.

Frequently asked questions

How effective is your plant at dephosphating and washing components or bulk materials?

WMV Plants for Dephosphating are highly effective. Thanks to WMV centrifuge technology, impurities are removed completely and without leaving any residue. Fully automated and using the latest technology, components are optimally cleaned for subsequent processes in hardening shops and coating systems – and washed with minimal use of energy and chemicals.

Can WMV Plants for Dephosphating be adapted to our specific production requirements?

The modular WMV plant construction system enables specific adaptations to be made to existing plants at any time. From manually operated small plants to fully automated plant solutions, we can adapt plants for dephosphating and cleaning components to individual requirements – even retrospectively, in the tightest of spaces and with connections to downstream processes.

Which materials can be dephosphatised and washed in your plants?

You can clean a wide variety of components in our plants. These include components made of steel, stainless steel, copper and brass. This ensures maximum flexibility in just one plant.

Do you have questions about our Plants for Dephosphating?

We would be happy to advise you on our Plants for Dephosphating