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DSC – Dip Spin Conveyor

With the use of our DSC Coating System, the goods are transferred from the electroplating bath to the Centrifuge Drum immediately after the electroplating process. The DSC transport trolley has an integrated rotating mechanism, the parts are coated in the bath, circulated and then centrifuged.
In the case of a double design of the electroplating drums, the DSC is manufactured as a double trolley

DSC – the centrifuge that can drive

As a post-treatment system in the electroplating sector, we have had the DSC transport trolley in our modular delivery programme since 2002. It is equipped with an integrated rotating mechanism that makes it possible to coat parts in a centrifuge basket in the bath, to circulate them and then to spin them off above the bath. The maximum speed is 300 min-1 with a basket diameter of 900 mm, which is perfectly sufficient to transfer the goods to the next treatment bath without dripping. Individual treatment baths can also be placed in exchangeable containers in the system. This allows the customer to exchange media via the containers at short notice and without any conversions. Due to the smaller volume of the exchangeable containers, the use of the chemical elements remains comparatively low.


Passivation Process for Top Coats

Outsourcing the passivation process from the electroplating shop to the Centrifuge post-treatment plant makes sense, not least because of the additional surface sealing with Top coats that is required.

To achieve comparable corrosion protection properties with the Cr6-free passivations as with those containing Cr6, the use of additional sealants is necessary.

Top-coat Coating

The processing of such media in the electroplating barrel is extremely problematic because the goods carrier has to be cleaned again after treatment. Furthermore, it is not possible to spin them off in the electroplating barrel, so that no homogeneous surface can be produced. For this reason, top coat coating and drying are outsourced to the centrifuge post-treatment facilities anyway. The problem here is the transfer process of the still wet, passivated product from the electroplating unit into the centrifuge basket. The sensitive surface is damaged in the process.


WMV offers optimal solutions for these problems

With the use of the WMV system, the goods are transferred from the electroplating shop to the centrifuge basket immediately after the electroplating process. Then, without any further transfer operations, further treatment processes can be carried out without any problems, such as passivation with the necessary rinsing processes, top-coat coating and drying.

Practical and time-saving: after emptying the centrifuge basket, it is washed in an integrated cleaning station and is available for reloading.

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The DSC Coating Plant in operation


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Operating principle

1. Diving

Dipping the basket while turning it slowly.

2. Circulate

Tilting the basket to circulate the product in the drum.

3. Spin off

Spin-off with straight drum to remove excess coating material.

Steps 1 to 3 can be repeated as often as desired. The direction of rotation, as well as the drum speed (max. 150/min) and the swivel angle, can also be adapted to the product to be coated.

The swivelling drip tray prevents the carry-over of liquids as far as possible. In addition to processing barrel products, it is also possible to coat rack products in the DSC.


DSC as double carriage

In the case of a double version of the galvanising drums, the DSC is also produced as a double trolley. In this case, the product is transferred from the two halves of the galvanising barrel into one barrel each of the WMV system and both are fed through the system at the same time.

The DSC coating plant can be integrated into the WMV Apparatebau modular system, i.e. retrofitting of existing plants is also easily possible.

Available original spare parts and our 24/7 support protect your investment.

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