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TULZ ® Immersion Circulating Varnishing Centrifuge

The TULZ ® Coating System occurs particularly in the electroplating sector. One main area of application is zinc flake coating. Panning and recirculation are just as important as a high material throughput. We have been creating surface-treatment Coating Systems for 50 years.

The TULZ ® is optimised for the future

An essential element in an automatic coating plant is the TULZ ®. It has been continuously developed over the years and optimised for the future. With this system, it is now also possible to coat rack goods in addition to drum goods.

TULZ ® is also ideal for the application of various sealants, e.g. in the electroplating sector. The main field of application, however, is the application of zinc flake systems. Thanks to the movable paint container with quick-release couplings, the media can be changed within a very short time in just a few steps without reducing the material throughput. Another advantage is the possibility to swivel the centrifuge basket up to 90° in order to circulate the parts.


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The TULZ ® Paint Recovery System (PRS)

As the centrifuge basket is completely closed in the station, there is no reduction in the usable volume. Especially for flat-stamped parts and discs, a swivel angle greater than 75° is important for optimum coating quality. The TULZ coating station is equipped with the newly developed, patented “paint recovery system (PRS)”. Here, the paint carriages are designed with a cylindrical spin-off jacket. The spin-off and recirculation cycles are then carried out in the spin-off jacket clamped around the centrifuge drum.

Significant paint savings

The advantage of this system is a considerable saving in paint, since on the one hand there is no turbulence of the paint in the interior of the coating station and on the other hand, the spun-off medium in the spinning-off jacket detaches itself from the wall again when it is immersed at the end of the cycle. Thanks to the variable, freely parameterisable treatment programme, even small screws with an internal attack can be coated in very good quality. At the same time, an economical loading quantity in the basket can be realised.


TULZ ® 300 / 500

Drum volume: 15 ltr. / 35 ltr.

Loading weight: 100 kg

Hourly output: 300 kg/h

TULZ ® 600

Drum volume: 50 ltr.

Loading weight: 150 kg

Hourly output: 2250 kg/h

TULZ ® 700

Drum volume: 70 ltr.

Loading weight: 250 kg

Hourly output: 3750 kg/h

TULZ ® 900

Drum volume: 110 ltr.

Loading weight: 250 kg

Hourly output: 3750 kg/h

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The right coating system

The TULZ station is completely enclosed and equipped with a ventilation system. This makes the TULZ ® excellent for processing solvent-based Coating Systems. Another advantage is the “loose” coating basket, i.e. when the coating medium is changed, the coating basket can be easily exchanged or removed for cleaning. In automatic systems, the basket is changed fully automatically without reducing the throughput of the system. The TULZ ® is available in different sizes. In the TULZ ® 900 (basket diameter 900 mm), for example, loading weights of up to 250 kg can be coated, with cycle times of less than 2 minutes achievable.

The TULZ ® in use


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For laboratory applications

A smaller version, the models 300/500, was developed especially for laboratory applications and for sample coatings. With this machine, sample coatings can be realised directly in the paint manufacturer’s delivery container (Hobbock). For series production, the station can then also be operated with a larger coating basket (Ø 500 mm) and with a coating container. The Coating System can be fully integrated into the WMV modular system, i.e. it is also easy to convert existing systems.



The TLZ was developed for rack goods, as circulation is not necessary or possible for certain parts. Die TLZ. Parts with a length of up to 750 mm can be coated without any problem. For laboratory applications or for coating small quantities, we have developed the TLZ300.

Here, the product can be dipped directly into a Hobbock container and spun off. It is suitable for coating parts with water- and solvent-based lacquers.

TLZ 300

Drum volume: 15 ltr.

Loading weight: 20 kg

Hourly output: 300 kg/h

TLZ 1000

Frame fabric: individual

Loading weight: 250 kg

Hourly output: 3750 kg/h

Questions & Answers

Which products can be coated in a TULZ ®?

The TULZ ® coating system can be used to coat all types of bulk goods such as screws, clips, nuts, rack dip racks and thick bolts for wind turbines.

Which parameters can be set on a coating centrifuge?

With a coating centrifuge, parameters such as speeds, spin-off speeds, coating times and immersion and swivel angles can be set.

What is a TULZ ® ?

A TULZ ® is a dip spin coating centrifuge. The TULZ ® is suitable for the dip spin process for applying zinc flake and other coatings. It is one of the 4 modules in WMV Apparatebau’s catalog of modular coating systems.

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