Compliance, the basis of business.


For WMV compliance not only means the adhering to legal provisions and laws  but also to our own internal rules. Compliance is the basis of our activities and a core value of our integrity. We behave according to the rules of integrity and law. That is the basis of the trust that our clients and business partners have in us as well as of our reputation. We know that our success during the last years is a result of this behaviour. WMV does not accept corruptness or any other form of dishonest influence neither in regard to our employees nor to our partners. Only if all parties involved stick to the applicable laws and ethical standards and align themselves with the respective principles in regard to their commercial behaviour, we are able to establish sustainable business relations.


The WMV-compliance system


Responsible management is the foundation of our business. We are aiming at establishing compliance permanently in the minds and the actions of your employees with our compliance system. For that matter we stick to the standards of reknowed compliance-management systems. To live up to integrity means for us: Wherever we are doing business, we act in accordance with our values. Zero-tolerance in regard to corruption and the violation of competition is our dictum. The WMV-system is divided into three levels of action: prevention, identification and reaction. This combines an extensive system of provisions in order to guarantee that our business always abides by all rules and legal regulations as well as our proper in-house principles and rules.