We provide you with perfect solutions in the fields pre,-intermediate and post-conditioning of mass parts. It´s easy to combine the individual parts of the modular system to automatic systems. The WMV-programme leads to a decisive improvement of quality especially in the field of recycling technology. Plant technology that is not wasting precious resources and is economical can be implemented combining modern components and suitable recycling technology.


 WMV cleaning plants distinguish themselves by being flexible, efficient and eco-friendly.


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Within its modular product range WMV provides the coating system TULZ (dipping-rotating-varnishing centrifuge) for the surface coating of pourable mass production components.

The system TULZ has proved its reliability as coating station for zinc fin systems and has constantly been improved and perfected. It has been delivered 180 times into 23 different countries during the last 15 years. TULZ is perfectly suitable for the application of  different extrusions in the field of electroplating.

Due to the displaceable varnish container with quick-release coupler the change of media can be performed in short time with little effort without reducing the flow capacity of the material.

Another advantage of TULZ is the fact that the centrifugal basket can be pivoted up to 90º in order to rotate the components. As the basket is shut completely it does not lead to a loss of usable volume. A pivoting angle bigger than of 75º is important particularly for a perfect coating quality of flat stamped parts and discs. Owing to the variable programmes which allow a choice of parameters even small screws with internal screw threads (Torx M3) can be coated in high quality, whereas an acceptable amount of loading in the basket can achieved.



Transportation system Bs2002

Part of the modular product range is the BSC transport cart (BS2002) for the post-treatments in the electroplating sector.  Up to now 50 carts have been integrated into 25 different plants.

The transport cart diposes of an integrated rotating mechanism for the coating of components in the centrifugal basked, to rotate and to centrifuge them above the dipping bath.

The maximum drive is 160 min -1  for a basket with a diameter of 900 mm, which is sufficient in order to transport the product to the next dipping bath without dripping. Loadings of 250 kg or 180 Liter per centrifugal basked can be handled. A perfect field of operation for the WMV system Bs2002 is the replacement of passivating containing Cr6 that has become necessary due to the EU decree of the recycling of scrapped cars. The WMV system Bs2002 can safe precious processing chemicals and rinsing wate as the costs for the Cr6-free passivating are higher in contrast to that containing Cr6.

It makes sense to outsource the process of passivating from the electroplating to the centrifugal post-treatment due to the additionally required surface coating with TopCoats in the long run.

In order to achieve a comparable protection of corrosion with Cr6-free passivating in contrast to the one containg Cr6, an additional sealing is necessary.

 The processing of such material in the electroplating cylinder is very problematic because the product carrier has to be cleaned afterwards. Furthermore it cannot be

centrifugated in the cylinder so that no homogeneous surface can be produced. For this reason the TopCoat-coating and drying is outsourced to the centrifugal post-treatment plants. The siphoning of the wet and passivated material from the electroplating to the centrifugal basket is problematic. The delicate surface is often damaged.

The WMV system allows the taking over of the components from the electroplating directly after the galvanic process to the centrigual basket. After that the passivating can be carried out with the required rinsing processes as well as Top-Coat coating and drying without siphoning.

After the centrifugal basked has been removed, it is cleaned at the cleaning station and can be used again.

The Bs2002 system is fully integrated into the WMV modular system that means that the modification of existing plants can be effected easily.