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Zinc flake surface treatment

We develop and produce systems for the surface treatment of bulk goods such as screws and springs through to rack goods such as chassis parts.

One of our main focuses is our coating systems for any application relating to zinc flake surface treatment.

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Zinc flake surface treatment – professional,
manual to fully automatic

We are a manufacturer of surface treatment systems for zinc flakes. Our company is based in Windeck, Germany. There we engineer and manufacture customized surface treatment systems for zinc flake coating systems.

These plant concepts can be designed from a manual single station up to a fully automatic zinc flake coating plant. This includes fully automatic loading, process-specific pre-treatment, zinc flake coating and unloading. WMV – Your specialist for zinc flake surface treatment.

Zinc Flake Surface Treatment

Alkaline surface pre-treatment

Our cleaning systems have been developed for alkaline cleaning. They remove oil, clean, rinse and blast, whether as a stand-alone machine or integrated into a fully automatic surface treatment system.

Area of application, quantity, quality

Surface treatment machines are used in many industries. For example, in the automotive industry, in the construction and agricultural industries, in renewable energies and in joining technology.

Our system concepts adapt to your products and throughput quantities. We help you to design system concepts with a batch size that is economical for you. Our top priority is to realize the product quality you require under these conditions.

Zinc Flake Surface Treatment

Matching spare parts

Zinc Flake Surface Treatment

Remote maintenance via online access

Zinc Flake Surface Treatment

Maintenance and servicing

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WMV Zinc flake surface treatment

From loading and coating to unloading. Even the coating of several layers or different media is no problem for our coating systems. Do you have any questions about zinc aluminum flake coating?

Zinc Flake Surface Treatment

Fully automatic zinc flake coating

Once the goods have been loaded and recorded by barcode scan, all process steps – cleaning, blasting, single and multiple coating and unloading – are handled fully automatically and product-specifically by the system.

Zinc Flake Surface Treatment

How can I help you?

We are specialists in engineering and mechanical engineering when it comes to the surfaces of your bulk and non-bulk goods. We operate internationally and offer multilingual 24/7 hotline support.

Tell me about your project. Let the WMV team inspire you and visit our technology center. See how our systems handle your products in “live operation”.

Martin Müller
Managing Director

24/7 Hotline Support

You can reach our German and English support team around the clock. If you have a fault in the surface treatment system, we will help you as quickly as possible.

Spare parts

Do you need a spare part quickly, possibly for an older machine? We have a modern IT system with parts list resolution and CAD drawings.

Zinc Flake Surface Treatment
Zinc Flake Surface Treatment

Questions & Answers

What does the PULZ® process stand for?

PULZ stands for “planetary circulation coating centrifuge”. In this process, very small parts with hollow bodies are coated with simultaneous bearing modification. As a result, recesses or internal recesses such as Torx®10 or cap nuts are completely emptied and evenly coated.

What is the TULZ® process?

WMV offers the TULZ solution, which stands for “dip spin coating centrifuge” (dip spin tilt), for coating pourable mass-produced parts and more complex flat stamped and bent parts. The TULZ is ideal for the application of various sealants, e.g. in the electroplating sector. The main area of application is the application of zinc flake systems.

How does corrosion protection work with zinc flake coatings?

Zinc flake coating is a particularly suitable means of preventing corrosion, an undesirable degradation of metals by air or water. Most people know this problem as rust on iron and steel. To prevent corrosion, it is a good idea to maintain and protect your products so that they last for many years. There are various surface treatment machines that can prevent corrosion.

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