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Surface treatment
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Surface treatment

Our unique products for your unique goods: from small parts (e.g. Torx 10) to large chassis parts – all of them have to be protected against environmental influences and oxidation. And to be treated according to their use. Considering that we offer and develop individual, high-quality and efficient plant solutions, from manual to fully automised.

Let´s do it together.

Always a winning combination.

The common path to the goal – you describe your challenges to us:

  • which materials (range of parts) are to be treated
  • which requirements have to be met (functionality, durability, rust protection, external appearance, area of application, quantity & number of pieces, necessary throughput, available space etc.)
  • the necessary plant parameters are developed and implemented in close cooperation with our customers

Bigger, better, faster, more: if the required performance parameters change over time: no problem. Thanks to our modular construction system, even manual plants can be automated at a later date.

Proven Quality

Proven Quality

For more than 50 years WMV Plants have been characterized by great flexibility, effectiveness, material protection and performance.

Future proof

Future proof

WMV systems and machines are state of the art and comply with the machinery directive (MRL 2006/42/EC).

WMV Modular system

Modular system

The WMV Modular system offers many options. From the basic system up to a completely automated system.



Benefit from the innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable WMV plant design.

WMV surface treatment systems

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Surface treatment




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