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Virtual reality: Experience surface treatment in a new way

Since 2022, customers and interested parties have been able to immerse themselves in our WMV Research & Development Center live and from anywhere using VR glasses: You can walk along machines and systems for surface treatment in a relaxed manner – and can playfully operate individual components.

surface treatment

The diversity of surface technology and the size of the WMV-System become tangible

During this virtual tour, the entire range of surface technology for rack goods and bulk material is revealed: from loading to individual unloading processes, there is a solution for every surface treatment in our WMV Research & Development Center. Our guests are particularly impressed by the size of the virtual systems and the opportunity to experience individual process steps live:

Accompanying this immersive 3D tour, we can explain the machines and the specific surface technology to our customers in detail. On top of this, components can be virtually assembled and disassembled. This allows the surface treatment process to be experienced – and understood.

surface treatment

An overview of the systems in the WMV Technical Center:

The various surface technology applications include:

  • Cleaning system WA 700 – for bulk and rack goods
  • Tilt centrifuge SZ 700 – for bulk goods
  • Industrial centrifuge Z 700 – for bulk and rack goods
  • Post-treatment system DSC 700 – for bulk and rack goods
  • Coating system TULZ ® 600 PRS – for bulk and rack goods
  • Coating system PULZ ® Xtreme and PULZ ® Xtend – for bulk and rack goods
  • Coating system TLZ 300 – for bulk goods
  • Blasting system MG90 – for bulk goods
  • Curing oven – for bulk and rack goods
  • Cooling chamber – for bulk and rack goods

Research & Development Center for testing and optimization – for customized surface technology

Since 2016, we have been testing and optimizing processes, mediums, and materials for the surface treatment of racks and bulk goods in our WMV Research & Development Center. We carry out test series ourselves or in collaboration with our customers. Whether new or existing systems, the aim is to adapt and optimize existing processes to meet current challenges.

In the Research & Development Center, we can test how future process parameters need to be set over several days under real conditions. The tests help us, our customers, and partners to carry out basic research and test optimal solutions for their specific requirements – and then to design customized solutions in a second step.

surface treatment

Further development of own products and WOW effects guaranteed

With the help of sophisticated tests in our WMV Research & Development Center, we have also been able to develop specific solutions for surface treatment beyond classic bulk and rack goods in recent years and accompany new industries on their way into the future with the help of extensive basic tests. For example, car body parts for automotive, where we have developed solutions to make parts easier to coat and more durable. We will be happy to tell you more about this during your tour of our WMV Research & Development Center with VR glasses – WOW effects are guaranteed!