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Our path to transformation – review of the WMV summer festival

Together into the future: The Power of now and team spirit at WMV

On September 8th the time had finally come. Together with all employees we celebrated our Summer Jam Party. The excitement was particularly high this year because news was already announced in advance.

At the opening, our Managing Director Martin Müller first asked fundamental questions in a very emotional speech: Where do we come from as WMV? What common path have we taken over the past 50 years? Where do we stand now? Why is the time right for transformation? And what does the future hold for us? Or better: How do we stay ready for the future?

Martin Müller and his team have looked at and analysed all these issues very closely over the past few months. The result: gratitude for what has gone before. Curiosity about the future. And the power of a new togetherness.

Sommerfest WMV
Managing Director Martin Müller

The power of now

Because one thing cannot be dismissed out of hand: We are all collectively – as a society and as a company – at a turning point. We are using this momentum as an opportunity for us, WMV, and developing a transformation in our organisation that suits us. And which makes us fit for the future. Our new power is a new “We together for the future”: ‘team up’ and let’s ‘take off’.

Together fit and stable for the future

We have formed the WMV management team for this new path. In the future, the team will no longer be worked only in specific departments, we will act in an interdisciplinary and networked manner – both internally and externally.

Within this new team, we want to distribute responsibility and work together on strategic issues. This process is not yet complete but will continue – also as part of the strategic transformation. 

Martin and Barbro Müller are the pulsating heart of the management team. Together with them, the focus of the management is on this transformation process. And especially on the further development of the company to remain innovative and fit for the future.

We proudly present: The WMV Management Team

What you see here in the picture is the new WMV management team:

WMV Sommerfest
From left to right: Ben Gauchel, Timo Geilenberg, Martin Müller, Barbro Müller, Daniela Trójca, Michael Kamp, Benjamin Häfner, Christian Zieren, Christian Hertel

Together we will lead WMV into the future. We will take responsibility, develop and implement future strategies and be the point of contact for employees and customers. Our way of working is networked, interdisciplinary, open and innovation-driven. Our goal is to ensure WMV’s future viability as a reliable partner for our customers and as a strong employer in the region.

Celebrating with the employees

After so much transformation input, it was time to celebrate. After the Corona time, it was very important for us to enjoy our togetherness with all our senses together with the whole team. Everything was under the slogan “Summer-Jam”.

This was clearly successful with the best weather and a great atmosphere.

A food truck, good music, enough drinks, beach atmosphere 😉 and games provided an inviting and cheerful setting for everyone. We were also very pleased that our colleagues from WMV-ASIA, WMV USA and UAS were there.

Wait a minute: UAS? Isn’t that an electroplating manufacturer? Yes, you read that right. You’ll find out what it’s all about in the next blog post.