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Surface treatment for Primat-Curtis

Attention, we have news: Our long-standing customer, the American company Primat-Curtis, has ordered a fully automated WMV cleaning/coating system. Primat-Curtis is known worldwide for its outstanding performance in the surface treatment of mass-produced parts, heat treatment and metal coating processes and, like every one of our customers, has the highest quality standards. To meet these demands, Primat-Curtis decided to purchase a WMV system. We are proud that our fully automated WMV cleaning/coating plant meets Primat-Curtis’ high-quality requirements and look forward to a successful cooperation.

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With the purchase of a fully automated WMV cleaning/coating line, Primat-Curtis will serve the market with the highest quality in the future. The plant is the result of decades of accumulated know-how of WMV. This enables the customer to put together an individually perfect solution for the treatment of bulk materials according to his own requirements.

This order clearly shows how important fully automatic 2-layer coating will be in the market. Primat-Curtis is investing in the future with a fully automatic pretreatment plant with alkaline cleaning, blast cleaning and double coating with the latest TULZ technology with integrated PRS system. This underlines our innovative strength and trustworthiness in the industry.

An important part of today’s machines is high automation, which WMV offers in the highest efficiency. Our plants operate with the least amount of manpower. Every step is automated and digitally taken over.

Surface treatment
Martin Müller (CEO WMV Apparatebau GmbH) and Jeff Wilson (President & CEO of Primat Corporation)

Another component of our plants is the PRS system (Paint-Recovery System) developed in-house. The result is significant paint savings with consistent coating results.

With this order, Primat-Curtis is investing in high plant availability. This represents a very important value for our customers. WMV makes it possible to program the machines in optimal cycle times. This means that the various stations can be approached as frequently as possible during the process. The result is plant availability with maximum productivity.

WMV plants can be perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs with the help of our modular system. There are no limits to size and throughput. For this reason, we are able to offer a suitable plant to a company like Primat-Curtis. But the nice thing is also that this plant can be extended later by the WMV modular system, if technologies or throughputs change.

An elementary component of WMV is the reliability of the plants. According to the motto, quality prevails, we have been a sought-after supplier in the mechanical engineering industry for over 50 years. Customer satisfaction is a core concern for all WMV employees. That is why we also offer a 24-hour hotline in order to be able to attend to the customer’s concerns internationally and around the clock.

Primat-Curtis trusts in a plant technology that will play a decisive role in shaping the future. WMV is doing everything in its power to constantly meet these requirements.

We would like to thank Primat-Curtis for their trust and congratulate them on their new WMV plant.