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Innovation award for the PULZ® from WMV

Very small parts, such as screws, nuts and wedge lock washers (locking elements) must meet the highest quality standards in the fully automated manufacturing and production process. The challenge in the coating process of the smallest parts is in particular to apply a uniform surface. This means that the coating buildup in the cavities and recesses must also be as uniform as the rest of the surface.

In order to meet these customer requirements, the WMV team has developed the PULZ® (planetary circulation coating centrifuge) in cooperation with EJOT. With the PULZ® technology, we have the world’s first surface treatment plant that can coat 120 kilograms of material while tumbling the parts at an incredible 32 g acceleration. It achieves this thanks to a physical trick for which WMV has already been granted a patent. This makes it possible to achieve such a high throughput for the coating of very small parts with cavities.

Why is a consistent surface so important?
The further processing of small parts is carried out by using of automatic feeding devices. This means that an efficient production process can only be ensured by 100% quality. If, for example, a screw is fastened in the production process by a robot with attached bits, this process must not be disturbed by accumulations of paint in the recesses. The surface treatment PULZ® technology meets precisely these market requirements and thus solves a challenge in the industry which has repeatedly led to production disruptions in the past.

Consequently, meeting these quality targets also ensures the efficient manufacturing process at the customer’s site.

30% less paint required thanks to new WMV PULZ® technology
Another plus point of this innovative development for coating systems is the reduced paint consumption of up to 30%. Due to high quality requirements this is achieved through the technology implemented – centrifugal forces & simultaneous parts- circulation. The high throughput rates of the PULZ® thus ensure a contribution to sustainability combined with a simultaneous cost reduction for customers

Innovation award for WMV
Now the development of the WMV PULZ® technology has been honored by the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and the Metropolregion Rheinland e.V. with the “RHEINLAND GENIAL” innovation award. In particular, WMV’s process and technology innovations in coating systems were honored in this context.

We are very pleased to receive this award, as it represents in particular an appreciation for the team. The knowledge, commitment & openness of each individual WMV and partner teams, even in difficult moments of development, have made this special project and thus PULZ® technology possible in the first place.

Wenn Sie sich für die innovative PULZ® Technologie weitergehend informieren möchten, können Sie auf den If you would like to find out more about innovative PULZ® technology, you can delve deeper on the following pages.

PULZ – planetary circulation coating centrifuge (wmv.com)

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